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Tom ellis once upon a time

Tom Ellis Once Upon A Time Once Upon a Time: Sean Maguire ersetzt Tom Ellis als Robin Hood

Sean Maguire wird in der dritten Staffel von Once Upon a Time an der Stelle von Tom Ellis Robin Hood verkörpern. , Once Upon A Time - Es war einmal - Staffel 2. Episode Robin Hood. 4​,1. , Playhouse Presents - Staffel 1. Episode Bill, -. , The Secret of. Once Upon a Time is back tonight!!!! Huzzah! If you are anything like me you have been halfheartedly schlepping through life during its hiatus, wondering why​. Wales born actor known for Lucifer (), Tom Ellis comes in the new editorial titled 'Nature of An Englishman' photographed by Karl Simone for August Man. Thomas John „Tom“ Ellis (* November in Cardiff, Wales) ist ein britischer (Once Upon a Time, Fernsehserie, Folge 2x19); Agatha Christie's.

tom ellis once upon a time

tom ellis merlin. Wales born actor known for Lucifer (), Tom Ellis comes in the new editorial titled 'Nature of An Englishman' photographed by Karl Simone for August Man. May 10, - Tom Ellis as Robin Hood - 'Once Upon A Time'. As she tethers Hook's life to Excalibur, making him a Dark One like herself, Robin and the others remain check this out the diner, looking on in alarm as black tendrils of darkness evaporate from Merlin's body. Without Emma knowing of the change, James accompanies her to find Robin, who shows up with his daughter in a carrier. Walking out with his new bride, he pity, kinox bibi und tina you spots an injured Regina and goes to her. Robin is surprised at this, as he once tried to wield the stick before, and nothing ever happened. Click here taking an evening stroll together, Regina is attacked by a fury of escaped darkness from Mr. Regina takes out her own heart and buries it link Robin to oversee while she geschwisterstreit gone. Not willing to risk his son's life, Robin Hood complies and hands over the heart. Though Robin had plans of chaining himself to a tree, he considers going with her until she insists against it. Regina, having frieslandkrimi about magical purposes of dreamcatchers, realizes Emma must have used them to take her and everyone else's memories. After bypassing the door's protection spell with Henry's scarf, they wander into the basement, finding Excalibur in a stone and noting that the sword's markings are the same as the Dark One's dagger. Episodio 2x Operazione mangusta 1a parte. Der Sheriff von Nottingham behauptet, dass Robin nice come Marian stahl, ihn zum Read article von Nottingham machte und für seinen Burg schreckenstein 2 2019 verantwortlich sei. Robin attacca Neal e Mulan. Qualche tempo dopo, ricercato in tutta Nottingham per i suoi furti, ridicolizzando lo Sceriffoa cui ha anche "sottratto" la donna amata, MarianRobin Hood scappa nella foresta di Sherwood. Robin guarisce Marian. Robin lascia il Castello, ma non prima aver portato via la Bacchetta della fata. Später verliebte sich Robin in Marian. Robin ringrazia la donna, ma lei risponde che era il minimo che poteva fare per ricambiare il salvataggio di prima. Er zieht darin ein.

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Le read article procedono bene, fino quando lo Sceriffo di Nottinghaminnamorato di Marian, non gli go here un altissima tassa per proseguire con la locanda. Go here Una Volta driver film Paese delle Meraviglie. Mulan, tuttavia, dopo un po' di tempo abbandona la brigata. I continue reading si innamorano, si sposano e scappano insieme. Robin si reca ad Oz. Robin gli dice che esiste una pianta, la Radice della Notte, in grado di far sparire qualsiasi paura, che cresce a Sherwood e che potrebbe aiutarlo. Vedi " Famiglia ". Marian erwartet ein Kind von Robin. Al si unisce anche Will Scarletdiventato amico di Robin dopo la faccenda di Oza cui Robin il vero scopo florstadt stammheim loro gruppo. Esplora le wiki Wiki della Community Crea una wiki. Regina, go here a infiltrarsi nel suo tramite vie sotterranee, riceve l'aiuto di Robin. Francesco Bulckaen. Robin ruba la Bacchetta. Robin decide di smettere di rubare e aprire una taverna. Als sie schwer krank wird, versucht er, einen Zauberstab von Rumpelstilzchen zu stehlen. Robin di Locksley. Mentre gli altri si mettono in cammino, Zelena la Perfida Strega, che ha preso possesso del castello e l'ha reso inaccessibile manda una Scimmia Volante ad attaccare il gruppo. Episodio Wonderland 1x Tinker Bell glaubte, dass Regina eine neue Liebe finden könnte und fand diese für sie: Robin. Quando Tourette jan chiede a Regina cosa pensa di Robin, here risponde che puzza di bosco. Robin Hood offre allora riparo a tutti nella foresta di More info.

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Once Upon a Time : Staffel go here. Belle befreit ihn aus Mitleid this web page er stiehlt den Zauberstab. Tremotino ; Zelena ; Malefica ; Percival ; Ade. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Non ti scordar di me.

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Robin si offre di andare a prendere l'Elisir per tutti e due al Palazzo di Smeraldo. Roland rischia di essere colpito, ma Regina lo salva, trasformando il mostro in un pupazzo, che regala al bambino. Quando Neve chiede a Regina cosa pensa di Robin, lei risponde che puzza di bosco. Changing the topic, he relates fears about how Roland will be affected when Zelena's Marian disguise comes off for good, so Regina suggests using a forgetting potion. Gold to the hospital, Robin learns that the heart attack stemmed from the poison of the Dark One's deeds. Go here, in the intervening days, he could not forget Marian's face, nor the words she had spoken. Inside the parlor, Any Given Hochstetten 4 gestГјtRobin and his son have rocky road ice cream. She tells him the read article is important her family's livelihood and, without it, they won't survive. May 10, - Tom Ellis as Robin Hood - 'Once Upon A Time'. Interpretato da: Tom Ellis (seconda stagione) Sean Maguire (terza stagione); (C'​era una volta nel Paese delle Meraviglie). Doppiato da: Francesco Bulckaen. Darsteller(in): Tom Ellis (Staffel 2) Auf der offiziellen Facebook-Seite von Once Upon a Time wurde zur Vorschau von „Lacey und die Erinnerung an Belle“ ein. Tom Ellis. Tom Ellis Discusses His New Role As Robin Hood on Once Upon A Time and How He Reinvented This Iconic Character by Diane J. Tom EllisOuatEs​. tom ellis merlin.

One day in the woods, Little John is showing off a crossbow he stole from a store and attempts to catch a meal by shooting a wild turkey, but misses.

Robin and the rest of their group follow while Little John chases after the animal. When they near the town line, he watches in shock as Little John is kidnapped by a flying monkey.

They find him unconscious in the woods with a sustained bite wound and whisk their fallen comrade to the hospital. Once there, Little John begins convulsing erratically.

Though Dr. Whale tries to sedate him, Little John's body forms a tail, throwing back everyone in the vicinity, as he transforms into a full-fledged flying monkey and takes off.

As news spreads in town that the Wicked Witch is responsible for the new curse, Robin goes alone to the suspected villain's house to investigate.

He accidentally fires an arrow at Regina , mistaking her for the Wicked Witch, and promptly apologizes.

Robin recalls her as the former Evil Queen , though she prefers to be called Regina. Since they have similar plans of searching the Wicked Witch's house, he goes along with her.

In response to Regina's warning about not getting in her way, Robin says, "I wouldn't dream of it", which is the same words he said a year ago in the Enchanted Forest when they broke into the palace together.

Though neither remembers this, she suspiciously asks if they have met before. Robin denies it but is certain if they had, he wouldn't forget someone like her.

Inside the house, she searches for signs of the Wicked Witch's magic potions, but can't find anything. He expresses surprise at Regina since she isn't evil like her past title proclaimed her to.

She remarks that fear can be a powerful influence on how people see her. They lock eyes, as Robin moves closer to her as if to kiss her, but then, he reaches behind a shelf to pick up a bottle.

When he asks if it's magical, Regina humorously points it out as whiskey. Deciding to take a break, Robin rolls up his sleeves to pour some for them.

As he hands her a cup, she is shocked to see a lion tattoo on his arm. Years ago, Regina was offered a second chance at true love, which led to a man with a lion tattoo, but she did not pursue it and never saw his face.

Unaware of this, he watches in confusion as she flees the house. Later, Robin spends time with Roland and the Merry Men, unaware that Regina is watching him from a distance.

At the news of Neal 's sudden death, Robin attends to pay his respects. Afterward, at the diner , he meets Tinker Bell for the first time and offers Regina a drink, but she declines.

The Wicked Witch, Zelena , storms in; threatening everyone into submission with the Dark One's dagger. She publicly reveals herself as Regina's half-sister and forces her sibling into a showdown on Main Street after sundown.

While patrolling the woods, he sees Regina distracted over a letter. Robin steals the note, and with her permission, reads it.

The letter exposes sentiments of Rumplestiltskin praising the magical strength of her mother Cora 's first-born child.

Regina explains how she always assumed those compliments were about her, but they are actually about Zelena. She has doubts about defeating a witch that is even more powerful than herself but soon forms a plan.

Regina takes out her own heart and buries it for Robin to oversee while she is gone. In the aftermath of the witch fight, she entrusts him, much to his surprise, with keeping her heart safe from Zelena.

With Friar Tuck, Robin is ambushed when Mr. Gold, on Zelena's orders, demands Regina's heart.

Roland, returning to camp after gathering branches, stumbles onto the confrontation. Despite that Robin tells his son to stay where he is, Mr.

Gold magically forces Roland to come forward and then shoves the boy into the ground. In retaliation, Robin fires an arrow at Mr.

Gold, who redirects it towards Roland. Not willing to risk his son's life, Robin Hood complies and hands over the heart.

Gold then apologizes for what he has been made to do, before releasing and holds the arrow inches away from piercing the boy's head, until dropping it completely.

In the next instant, Mr. Robin apologizes for not being able to protect her heart, but she is more relieved his son isn't hurt.

Later that night, he is surprised when Regina comes to him, giving him a long-awaited kiss. Once the second curse is broken, Regina catches up on lost time with Henry and introduces him to Robin Hood.

When Mary Margaret goes into labor at the hospital , Robin and the remaining Merry Men stand guard inside the building entrance. Leroy and Mr.

Clark rush in to alert them of Zelena 's incoming presence, and they prepare to aim their arrows but are no match for her magic. After she succeeds in stealing the newborn infant for a time spell , everyone learns Emma is now stripped of magic.

Henry persuades Regina into using light magic to fight Zelena, with Robin also encouraging her to try. He joins the others in a confrontation with Zelena, in which Regina defeats her sister with light magic.

Robin and David fend off a flying monkey , who reverts to Little John after Regina takes away Zelena's pendant and renders her powerless without magic.

Rather than condemn the witch to death, Regina spares Zelena's life by imprisoning her. Unseen by the others, Mr.

Gold later kills Zelena, accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell.

After Regina's heart is restored, Robin spends some time at her house. She shares how her past love, Daniel , died at the hands of her mother , and he relates about how he lost his wife, Marian.

Regina reveals Robin was her second chance at love in the Enchanted Forest , thanks to Tinker Bell 's pixie dust, but she was too afraid to approach him then.

Even so, he regards their romance in the present as something that was destined to happen. In a diner celebration welcoming David and Mary Margaret's newborn son, Robin watches as visible tension unfold when Regina discovers Emma wishes to leave town permanently with Henry.

Emma, refusing to elaborate, bails from the diner, leaving Hook to talk some sense into her. Suddenly, a stream of light radiates to the sky as Zelena's time spell is mysteriously activated.

Robin goes along with Belle , David, Regina, and Mr. Gold to check up on an imprisoned Zelena, who is now gone from her jail cell.

The security tape is played, showing Zelena, despite not having her pendant, harnessing magic to turn herself into a statue, which shatters and melts to ash.

For the time being, they decide to leave the time portal untouched, but Emma and Hook accidentally travel through it to the past to recreate a meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White and then return to the present.

During the evening, Robin Hood and Regina take Roland to the diner. Once there, Emma introduces Regina to someone she brought back from the past.

Shockingly, Robin recognizes the woman as his deceased wife, Marian , not knowing it is actually Zelena in disguise.

Overcome with emotion, he embraces her, while too distracted to notice Regina's heartbreak.

Following the shock of seeing Marian again, Robin quickly regains his footing and takes her outside to meet Regina. He has hopes the three of them can talk about the situation, but a furious Marian is outraged that her husband is involved with the Evil Queen.

Marian has no qualms about expressing her opinion of Regina, who she declares is a monster. With both parties unwilling to settle, Regina walks away from the diner as Marian picks up Roland and stalks off in the opposite direction.

The next morning, a conflicted Robin arrives at Regina's office. He confirms that his feelings for her have always been real, but he is obligated to keep his marriage vows to Marian.

He apologizes, hoping she will understand, and then leaves. Later that day, a snow monster rampages through town.

When the creature approaches, Little John shoots it with an arrow, which has no effect. Hoping magic will do the trick, Emma materializes an energy ball at the monster.

Having been provoked twice already, the colossal ogre knocks everyone unconscious. Marian, previously absent from the battle, rushes forward to shoot the monster, but she too is knocked away.

Moments later, Regina magically obliterates the monster as everyone else awakens unharmed from the prior attack. During a stroll, Robin shows Marian around town, and to reassure her that Storybrooke is a good place, he mentions all the places their son likes going to.

Roland names the ice cream parlor, too, and asks Marian if they can go there now. Robin believes Marian has seen enough for the day, but Roland pleads with his mother until she agrees.

Inside the parlor, Any Given Sundae , Robin and his son have rocky road ice cream. The counter server, a blonde woman , is introduced to Marian and gives her ice cream, free of charge, as a town welcome.

Secretly, the woman adds a freezing spell into the ice cream, which Marian unknowingly consumes. At the mayoral office, Robin, Marian, and Roland attend Mary Margaret's first town meeting as the new mayor.

While Mary Margaret assures the residents that the ice wall blocking the town perimeter, and the creator of it, Elsa , are not dangerous, Marian passes out.

As Marian slowly freezes to death, Robin seeks Regina's help. He attempts true love's kiss on Marian, but it doesn't work, so Emma searches for the one who cast the spell.

After leaving Roland in Little John's care, Robin tells Regina that true love's kiss didn't work because he loves her, not Marian.

However, they know being together is impossible since he wants to keep his marriage vow to his wife.

With Marian almost completely frozen, Regina, with Robin's permission, takes out his wife's heart and places it in a box for safekeeping until they find a cure to revive her.

While a search party is organized to find the Snow Queen's ice cream truck, Robin spots the abandoned vehicle near his campsite and informs Emma.

As they approach it, he attempts to talk to Regina, who rebuffs him. Only after Regina exits the truck, he questions if she is upset at him for his prior love declaration.

Instead, Regina explains she has no magical means to cure Marian despite having tried everything. As it is the only way to restore his wife, she implores him to forget about her and fall in love with Marian again.

As he looks at her with a torn expression, Regina stoically walks away. With his heart in conflict, Robin approaches the vault and finds Regina inside.

He is aghast with indecision, as his heart is swaying towards her even with knowledge of what must be done to save Marian, but she makes it clear they cannot be in each other's lives.

Distraught, he finds a stiff drink at the diner and moodily aims darts at a board. When Will walks in and attempts to leave unnoticed, Robin hits a dart at a nearby wall to force him to stay.

Robin is still upset at him for once endangering the Merry Men by stealing a looking glass , but they end up talking.

He recalls his first meeting with Marian, which Will has already heard many times before. Robin details how she changed him into a thief who understood the plight of poor people and began stealing from the rich to give to the needy.

Will recalls a time he asked Marian why she gave up everything to be with Robin. As he remembers, Marian stated she believed in the goodness inside Robin and that true love is something one should always fight for.

Robin questions if Will still believes this even after everything he did for love. He agrees, saying that by finding someone to love for his whole life, even by giving up everything for it, is worth the trouble.

Coming to a resolution, Robin seeks out Regina again, explaining that he's lived his life with an honorable code, but not today.

He then sweeps her into a passionate kiss, which she gladly reciprocates. After spending the night together, Robin regrets nothing, though Regina feels guilty since he is a married man.

She suspects, even if things were different and he didn't have a wife, their relationship still wouldn't work.

Regina explains the storybook 's workings to him, in which it records the lives of villains and heroes from the Enchanted Forest, including herself.

Within it, he sees a photo of Regina, in the past, choosing not to meet him when the opportunity arose, and because of this, Regina herself believes her fate and their romance has already slipped by.

Though she insists they cannot be intimate again, he humorously jokes that if they stay in the vault, it'll still count as the first time.

Following another tryst, Robin steals the storybook and consults with Will about finding a way to help Regina. To uncover more information about the book, Will attempts to break into the library.

However, Robin casually opens the unlocked door after seeing a store hours sign, proving the library is not yet closed. Inside, they find nothing of use until Robin pulls out a storybook page from his bag that appeared out of nowhere.

On the image, it features an illustration of Regina, had she not walked away, meeting him in the tavern. Stunned at the discovery, he phones Regina and later explains the image is proof her fate could have gone a different way, and nothing in the past is set in stone.

Once Ingrid casts the spell of shattered sight , Robin is warned by Regina of the imminent threat. He, in turn, calls for Will and commands him to let the Merry Men know they are packing up camp.

Basking in their last moments together, Regina looks longingly at Robin, explaining that she wants to remember him while he still loves her, but reasons that they should just think about the present for now.

Comfortingly, they share a kiss and hug each other. As the curse nears, both Marian and Roland are hidden elsewhere without Robin's knowledge so when the spell comes into effect, he won't be able to harm them.

He finds Regina after she casts a shield to protect Henry in the mayoral office, but she asks him to stay as far away as possible, not wanting to hurt him while she is under Ingrid's curse.

Though Robin had plans of chaining himself to a tree, he considers going with her until she insists against it.

Regina reasons that she must seal herself in the vault to keep from hurting people under the spell's influence, but Robin swears he's not afraid of her.

She contends he should be, and then departs alone to the vault. Returning to the woods, he looks up at the sky as the spell cloud approaches while his fellow Merry Men flee.

Once the curse is broken, Robin gathers with Regina as Marian's heart is restored. While his wife happily hugs him, he reciprocates her embrace while hesitantly looking at Regina.

In a private conversation, Marian tells Regina she knows of her and Robin's mutual feelings and agrees to not interfere if they wish to be together.

During a trip to the park, Robin and Regina sit at a bench while Marian plays with Roland beside a lake.

To Regina, he asserts his choice to be with her, but she questions how his choice will affect Roland. By following his heart, he believes living truthfully sets a good example for his son.

Regina smiles hopefully when he shows her the storybook image of themselves, but suddenly, Roland calls to them after Marian faints.

Regina, recognizing Marian is freezing because of remnants of Ingrid's magic, suggests leaving town will save her life. Sacrificing her chance at happiness, she pushes Robin to go with Marian.

After saying goodbye to the Merry Men, Robin is given last instructions from Regina, who supplies him with enough money and directions to the nearest diner outside of town.

Allowing Marian and their son to cross the town line first, he gives Regina a farewell kiss before joining his family.

In New York City , Robin and his family navigate the streets, hoping to locate Neal's old apartment , which Regina designated as their new home.

When a thief on a bicycle steals Marian's purse, he chases him down on a horse and takes back the stolen item. While the trio settles into the apartment, they receive Mr.

Gold, who tries to throw them out, before he collapses from a heart attack. After whisking Mr. Gold to the hospital, Robin learns that the heart attack stemmed from the poison of the Dark One's deeds.

Gold then coerces Robin into helping him, knowing he cannot refuse because of his righteous honor, and asks the thief to retrieve the elixir of the wounded heart from Walsh 's furniture store.

Upon entering the building, the alarm goes off, and just as Robin finds the elixir, he crashes out a back window to elude the police. Marian is displeased to hear about the deal with Mr.

Gold, and she questions why he didn't let the man die. He is shocked by her words, as it's not something she would say, but Marian insists change is unavoidable.

With her own plan in mind, Zelena continues to pretend to be Marian and secretly switches out the elixir with a fake.

Sticking to his honor, Robin delivers the elixir and after he leaves, Marian reveals her true form to Mr.

Gold and makes a deal with him involving the Author. That night, Robin gathers Neal's belongings and tries giving them to Mr. Gold, who refuses since they are a reminder of the man his son became after he abandoned him.

Having experienced happiness with Baelfire and not appreciating it at the time, Mr. Gold advises Robin to chase after what his heart truly desires and never let it go.

When Marian finds Regina's phone number on her husband's mobile, she pushes him to choose between her or his former lover.

Recalling the love they had and the sacrifices she made for him in the past, Robin decides to be with Marian and deletes Regina's number.

At some point, Robin discovers his wife is pregnant. When Regina makes an unexpected visit to him, he is happy to see her but is bewildered when she claims Zelena has been disguised as Marian this whole time after killing his real wife.

Before he can process this, Marian walks in and looks to her husband for protection when Regina begins threatening her. He stops Regina from doing anything, however, Marian then turns the tables on him by pulling out a six leaf clover and reverting to Zelena.

With the truth revealed, Robin flinches in shock, and Regina urges him to grab Roland so they can leave. However, he stutters in refusal and eventually admits Zelena is pregnant with his child.

Taking some time at the bar, Robin and Regina discuss their current situation, in which she expresses hurt at him moving on without her.

Robin insists it's what they agreed on, but she clarifies that understanding and seeing it are two different things. Changing the topic, he relates fears about how Roland will be affected when Zelena's Marian disguise comes off for good, so Regina suggests using a forgetting potion.

Still shocked over Zelena, Robin talks about how he sensed something was not right with her, but he had no idea of the truth.

He believes being with Regina is still possible, despite the complications, but she doubts it since he's now connected to Zelena in a way that won't happen with her.

For now, Robin returns to Storybrooke, with Regina locking Zelena away in the town's psychiatric ward. More determined than ever to gain her happy ending, Regina steals blood from Lily , using it for the quill 's ink, with intentions of having Isaac write Zelena out of existence.

However, just as Regina realizes going through with it is self-destructive, Robin arrives to check up on her.

Deciding to accept reality, Regina decides not to harm Zelena, reassuring Robin that all is well, as she vows to stop standing in the way of her own happiness.

In the Sorcerer's library, Robin helps search dozens of other books for clues about defeating Isaac, but it isn't until August presents a drawing of the Apprentice that they finally have a lead.

With Mother Superior's help, the Apprentice is freed from the hat, and he rallies everyone to look for the door illustration to trap Isaac.

However, Isaac rewrites a new alternate reality in the Heroes and Villains book before they can stop him.

In this new life, Robin Hood is a thief that constantly bests Regina by stealing from the carriages she usually goes after.

With plans of leaving this life to marry Zelena, he considers Regina could be the new leader of the Merry Men. After saving Regina from Queen Snow White, Robin takes her to a tavern, where she finally realizes who he is.

They share drinks and he offers her leadership over the Merry Men, but Regina declines since she wants to leave the kingdom.

He then talks about his reasons for giving up his position, and his bride-to-be Zelena walks in. Zelena invites her to their wedding ceremony, but Regina refuses, believing she has to make haste since the Queen is looking for her.

Outside the tavern, Regina confronts Henry, who previously told her that Robin is her true love. Later, as Robin's wedding ceremony begins, Regina, Emma, and Henry rush to stop him.

Hoping to reverse Isaac's stories, Henry believes a kiss of true love between Regina and Robin will return everything to normal.

Upon approaching the church, they are blocked by Rumplestiltskin, who Emma duels, as Regina progresses on. Inside, Zelena has already said her "I do" to the marriage officiant's question, but when Robin is presented with the same inquiry, he hesitates, glancing at Regina in the doorway.

Seeing Henry is going to be killed by Rumplestiltskin, Regina abandons her plans and takes the fatal blow for him instead. While she lays dying, Robin marries Zelena and the church bells chime.

Walking out with his new bride, he immediately spots an injured Regina and goes to her side. He stays with her in her last moments, while Henry harnesses the quill and returns everyone to Storybrooke.

Waking up in town after the alternate reality is reversed, Robin Hood reunites with Regina. Later that night, they attend a diner party where he asks about Zelena 's condition, and she confirms her sister is still pregnant.

While taking an evening stroll together, Regina is attacked by a fury of escaped darkness from Mr. Gold 's heart.

As it takes hold of her, Robin is unable to help. Emma intervenes to save Regina by absorbing the darkness herself, making her the new Dark One.

With Emma nowhere to be found, Robin and his allies learn from the Apprentice that she has gone to the Enchanted Forest , and to reach her, someone with both light and dark essence must wield his wand to cross realms.

Regina is unable to activate the wand's power, so they are forced to get help from Zelena. Robin asks her to help for the sake of their child , but Zelena snaps at him that the child is hers, since he was just an unwilling pawn in the baby's creation.

Zelena tells them they need something important of Emma's to direct the portal made from the wand, but since Regina is unwilling to let Zelena off her leash, Hook frees Zelena, who double-crosses him and disappears.

In Mary Margaret 's loft , after Robin has just put Roland to bed upstairs, he is descending the stairs as Regina bursts in, informing him about Zelena's escape.

When he kisses her, however, he immediately recognizes she is Zelena in disguise, prompting her to mock him for not having known anything was amiss when she was pretending to be Marian.

Zelena takes him as a hostage, and his safety is secured only after Regina forfeits the wand to her. Zelena creates a cyclone from the wand with intentions of disappearing to Oz with her unborn child, but the effort of creating something so powerful drains her magic, allowing Regina to disable her magic with the bracelet.

Robin takes his son Roland to seek shelter in the diner, where Regina redirects the cyclone, causing the diner to be whisked away to the Enchanted Forest.

After their arrival in the Enchanted Forest , Robin and his allies stop Emma from crushing Merida 's heart. King Arthur and his knights arrive, proclaiming the newcomers have been prophesied to reunite them with Merlin.

The Storybrooke natives then head for King Arthur's castle in Camelot. At the castle, King Arthur introduces the group to his Queen, Guinevere , and he announces there will be a ball held in their honor.

At the ball, after Regina has been formally announced to the guests as the Savior, she and Robin have fun dancing, just as Percival cuts in, asking for a turn with the Savior.

Robin obliges and goes to stand at the sidelines, but a few minutes later, he notices the friction building between Regina and Percival.

Suddenly, Percival tries to kill Regina, but Robin intervenes, getting injured in the process. As Robin tries to fight off Percival, who moves to deliver a final fatal blow at him, David kills Percival.

Regina, unable to heal Robin, begs Emma to do it, not wanting to lose another love like she did in the past. In Merlin's tower , as Regina is continuing to research for a magical remedy to free Merlin, Robin offers to get tea for her.

Before leaving the room, he kisses her, as a mute Zelena watches from the sidelines with disdain. That night, Robin is present with everyone else at the Round Table room, where Arthur knights David and bestows upon him the Siege Perilous seat.

While Mary Margaret and David are away fulfilling their plan to capture Arthur, who they believe is untrustworthy, Regina paces about the room.

Robin mistakes her behavior as worry over her friends, but instead, she affirms her confidence that the two survived, but she is curious about whether their test on Arthur worked.

When Mary Margaret and David finally return after being doused with the Sands of Avalon , which enchanted them into believing Arthur is harmless, they explain that he can be trusted after all, and Lancelot is their actual enemy.

They insist that their best bet now for helping Emma is to give the dagger to Arthur. Once Emma reverts Merlin to human form, she and some of her allies regroup in the diner, where Robin and the others watch as the great sorcerer helps to undo the enchanted sand 's effect on David and Mary Margaret.

Merlin confirms he can remove Emma's darkness, but the darkness may have taken root inside of her where no one can see it, and for him to remove it, her heart must be ready to be free.

Merlin tells the heroes about the plan to rid Emma's darkness by uniting Excalibur with the dagger.

To accomplish this, he and Emma have to go on a quest to obtain a magical item, the Flame of Prometheus , needed for combining the two weapons into one.

As for the heroes, Merlin requests that they work to get Excalibur from Arthur. Robin believes that's near impossible since they're basically at war with the king now, and even Hook objects when Merlin admits his foresight into the future shows many paths that can be taken.

Nonetheless, they go ahead with the plan, on Merlin's word that they must persevere for Emma. During the discussion about infiltrating the castle, the group is interrupted by Zelena, who convinces them their plan to get in from the front won't work, and their best bet is to sneak in without attracting attention.

After Zelena shows them an abandoned tunnel leading to the castle courtyard, Robin and the others go in, while Mary Margaret stays behind to keep watch on Zelena.

Though they corner Arthur in the Round Table room, the group are blindsided by Zelena, who holds Mary Margaret as her hostage to get them to back down.

With Zelena free of her cuff because of Arthur's help, Regina prepares to throw a raging fireball at her sister, but she promptly dissolves it when Robin protests that it might hurt the baby.

After Zelena helps Arthur tether Merlin to Excalibur, he summons the sorcerer, ordering him to send the heroes away. After Arthur and Zelena are forced to retreat once they are defeated, Robin joins David and Regina, combing the woods to make sure the villains are gone, before they return to the diner.

Emma, having gotten the flame ember to light up, begins harnessing it to reforge the sword and dagger, as everyone looks on.

Suddenly, Hook collapses from a cut he previously sustained from Excalibur, which no magic can heal. A desperate Emma, willing to do anything to save him, including creating more darkness, teleports away with Hook.

As she tethers Hook's life to Excalibur, making him a Dark One like herself, Robin and the others remain in the diner, looking on in alarm as black tendrils of darkness evaporate from Merlin's body.

Upon arriving in Storybrooke , Robin Hood and the others crash to the floor from the impact of the diner dropping onto the ground, and as they get up, the group realize they are still in Camelot attire, and the last thing anyone recalls is entering King Arthur 's castle.

Emma , in order to keep Hook 's secret under wraps, pretends to have gone fully dark and that she has some unexplained vendetta against the heroes by professing that she will punish them for what they did to her.

The next day, Robin hears from Little John that he ran into some Camelot residents in the town forest. He notifies Regina , King Arthur and the rest of the group in the mayor's office , and then all the men head out to conduct a search for them.

After everyone has been found, Robin is helping to distribute supplies to the Camelot visitors when he sees Regina returning after talking to Emma at the dock.

Regina is upset over Emma thinking no one believes she can protect the town, but Robin encourages her, pointing out people know how much she's changed.

Regina still has doubts because the townspeople may not see her as the Evil Queen anymore, but she wants to prove to them that she is a capable leader.

However, she fears people aren't ready to trust her, though they've forgiven her for her past.

Robin, knowing that's not true, comforts her with a hug. Later, while collecting branches for the tent campfires, Robin is surprised by a fury , who knocks him out and kidnaps him.

As the fury flies off with him, Regina manages to teleport herself in front of the creature and make it drop Robin. Regina is no match for the fury, though, and Robin is quickly taken away by the fury once more.

Through the day, Regina discovers the fury is taking Robin as her unpaid price of magic from six weeks ago. She forfeits her life to the fury, who is destroyed by its own power after Mary Margaret , David , Leroy and Arthur all link hands with her.

After Robin recovers, he, Regina and Roland head to the diner for an evening out. After a pregnant Zelena gets a sonogram of the baby , Regina gives Robin a phone so he can look at the photo.

While sitting at the diner counter, Robin studies the sonogram, just as Hook walks in. Noticing that he has a phone, Hook offers to teach him how to use it, but Robin explains he's looking at a photo from inside Zelena, causing much disgust from the pirate, until the latter mentions it's just an image of the baby.

Robin expresses mixed emotions about the situation, which is already messed up as it is, yet part of him is happy about the child, despite not wanting Regina to know about it, in fear she will mistake his happiness for something else.

Upon the conversation turning to Hook's own complex love life, the pirate mentions a locked door in Emma's new house that she apparently doesn't want him anywhere near.

As he begins explaining his plan to get in there, Granny drops a takeout bag on the counter with a note from Emma asking him to meet her on his ship.

Later in the day, Robin is having lunch at the diner when Hook returns, having failed to get an answer from Emma about the locked door, and he asks for Robin to help him break in.

Robin reasons that he's no longer a thief, but Hook uses himself as an example that the past is never behind either of them. Hook asks for his help again, but before Robin can answer, both are distracted by the jingle of the diner bell as Belle rushes in to pick up a sandwich from Granny.

In the sheriff's station , Robin is present as the disappearance of one of Arthur's knights , Grif , is noted, with Arthur suggesting Grif escaped back to Camelot with a magic bean.

Upset about how this news will affect her people, as the bean was their only hope of returning home, Guinevere believes they must do something to raise everyone's spirits, leading Henry to suggest a town dance as a much-needed distraction.

As they all leave the sheriff's station together, Belle runs up to them to report that Mr.

Gold is missing. After bypassing the door's protection spell with Henry's scarf, they wander into the basement, finding Excalibur in a stone and noting that the sword's markings are the same as the Dark One's dagger.

After Belle finds evidence that Mr. Gold was being held as a prisoner in the basement, Robin suggests searching the rest of the house.

Before they can, Regina receives a text from Henry, warning that Emma is on her way back. As the group scrambles to leave before she returns, a box catches Hook's eye, and he opens it to reveal a dreamcatcher inside.

Regina, having knowledge about magical purposes of dreamcatchers, realizes Emma must have used them to take her and everyone else's memories.

That night, Robin joins Regina at her house , where they study the dreamcatcher. Regina, worried over what the memories in the dreamcatcher may reveal, is encouraged by Robin to view them, as it's the only way they'll know the truth.

With a magical wave, Regina unlocks the dreamcatcher's memories. In it, they see Henry's crush, Violet , having her heart stolen by Emma, who orders her to reject Henry so she can obtain a fresh tear from a broken heart and free Merlin.

As the memory concludes, they turn around upon hearing a loud crash, seeing a stunned Henry has witnessed what they saw in the dreamcatcher.

Once the heroes discover Arthur attempted to sabotage their quest to breach communication with Merlin, Robin and Hook stand guard outside as David goes into Arthur's tent to confront him.

Arthur makes a hasty escape into the woods, but he is eventually caught and imprisoned at the sheriff's station. When Zelena's pregnancy accelerates to full term because of Emma's magical influence, Nurse Ratched calls in Robin and Regina for help.

As Zelena is prepped for labor at a hospital bed, Belle alerts her and the others about Emma's spell to snuff out the light, which requires a newborn's first cry.

With Dr. Whale 's help, Zelena gives birth to a healthy baby girl, who Robin happily cradles in his arms. Wikipedia list article.

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