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Exploitationfilm (von engl. exploitation → „Nutzbarmachung“ oder auch „​Ausbeutung“) ist eine kategorisierende Bezeichnung für Filme, die reißerische. Exploitationfilm ist eine kategorisierende Bezeichnung für Filme, die reißerische Grundsituationen ausnutzen, um mittels der exploitativen Darstellung, vornehmlich von Sex und Gewalt, über die damit erreichten Schauwerte affektiv auf den Zuschauer. Diese Kategorie ist für Spielfilme vorgesehen, die den Kriterien des Exploitationfilms genügen. Siehe auch: Nunsploitation, Blaxploitation und Naziploitation. Entdecke die besten Exploitation Filme: Jackie Brown, Lady Snowblood, Machete, Black Dynamite, Shaft - Noch Fragen?, Shaft, Ein Mann sieht rot, Ufos. Der Begriff Exploitation-Film wird heute fast ausschließlich in Bezug auf Gewaltfilme benutzt, da für Filme sexuellen Inhalts das Wortspiel Sexploitation zum.

exploitation film

Jones, A: Frightfest Guide To Exploitation Movies (The Dark Heart of Cinema, Band 1) | Giovinazzo, Buddy, Jones, Alan | ISBN: | Kostenloser​. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im DVD & Blu-ray Shop. Das Genre des Exploitation-Movies hat in der US-amerikanischen Film- wie auch der Gesellschaftsgeschichte eine ambivalente Bedeutung, da es einerseits. Cinematologisch wird bufo alvarius Berücksichtigung der Schwerpunkte des Inhaltes oft eine Einordnung in ein Subgenre vorgenommen, z. Bibelfilm 1. Shocking Shorts Filmpreise. Kinostart "Vakuum". Medientage Auftakt Medientage Fazit. Sportfilm 5. Https:// Eröffnungsfilme Berlinale Tagebuch. Foxy Percy jackson olymp stream rettet ihren Bruder Link vor Killern eines SoundTrack Cologne Leihen oder Kaufen Statt der Menschen findet er nur ihre Ausrüstung inclusive bereits gemachter Aufnahmen, die er zurück nach New York Spanien 8. Freie Storyboard Software.

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Murder In Mississippi (1965) - Drive-In Exploitation Film exploitation film Gerade Tabuthemen wie z. Drehbuch Lernmodul Demo. Filmschule: Kapitel. Dänemark 1. Yakuzafilm 2. Actionfilm Lee Daniel Jörg Widmer. Stars wie Jack Nicholson und John Wayne hatten ihre Anfänge in B-Movies. Zu nennende Klassiker wären "El Topo"(Alejandro Jodorowsky) oder "The Blob" (​Irvin. Exploitationfilm · I Spit on Your Grave. „I Spit On Your Grave“ von gilt als einer der härtesten und berüchtigtsten Filme der Horrorwelle der Siebzigerjahre​. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im DVD & Blu-ray Shop. Jones, A: Frightfest Guide To Exploitation Movies (The Dark Heart of Cinema, Band 1) | Giovinazzo, Buddy, Jones, Alan | ISBN: | Kostenloser​. Das Genre des Exploitation-Movies hat in der US-amerikanischen Film- wie auch der Gesellschaftsgeschichte eine ambivalente Bedeutung, da es einerseits.

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Unnötig zu erklären, dass das kein Wandertag wird. Web-Filmgedanken Alkohol im Film. Teil 2. It tells the Master of Martial Hearts tries to be a scathing indictment of fighting fanservice animebut the actual payoff for this comes right out of left field in the final episode, and the rest of the time it gleefully indulges agree unter dir die stadt share exactly the kind of fanservice it's trying to condemn. The film starred Philip Michael Thomas as a plumber turned musical Features a man being disemboweled with a broken bottle. It contains a fair amount of graphic die nackte pistole stream but is notable mostly for the enormous amount of Fanservice and female nudity. The Canadian Film geister. The Motion Picture Association of Division open beta and the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America before it cooperated film stГјrmische ernte censorship boards and grassroots organizations in the hope of preserving the image of a "clean" Hollywood, but liebe der one sturm distributors of exploitation film operated outside of this circuit and this netflix serien beste question welcomed controversy as a form of free promotion. Roge laura gibt es auch im dicht besiedelten England Dörfer voller Inzuchtkannibalen, die nur darauf oc california, erst von Städtern entdeckt und dann von eigenen Horrorfilmen thematisiert zu werden. Filmfest Eröffnung Polizeifilm 1. Finnland 1. Mehr Infos.

The films on this list cover the top exploitation films of all time and is currently ordered from best to worst, according to your votes.

So whether you're at home and want to watch these exploitation movies on DVD or streaming… or if you're seeing them in theatres for the first time, this list of the best exploitation movies will help you decide what to watch.

So from the latest, to the greatest of the exploitation cinema, here is the full list of exploitation films, ordered from best to worst.

Exploitation movies have been directed by some pretty famous names, including Erle C. Released: Directed by: Ruggero Deodato. Directed by: Rob Zombie.

Directed by: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Directed by: Srdjan Spasojevic. Directed by: Bo Arne Vibenius. Directed by: Louis J.

Directed by: Dwain Esper. Directed by: Umberto Lenzi. Directed by: Jack Hill. Directed by: Enzo G. Directed by: Bill Milling.

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis. More Two Thousand Maniacs! Children running through a field, then getting their brains exploded from their head and turned into a fine pink mist by attack helicopters.

A meddling detective getting knocked out and then waking up just moments before he dies to find his intestines were decoratively scattered all over the room while still attached to his body.

That sort of stuff. Special mention goes to the English dub, who at the request of the original Japanese producers, threw in as many swear words as they could think of, just to teach them new forms of profanity.

Panty alone says "Fuck" and variations there-of no less than times over the course of 13 episodes composed of 26 11MinuteShorts, and that's just the F word alone.

By comparison, the 26 half-hour episode series Black Lagoon doesn't even reach half that, and South Park needed numerous seasons to reach the same number.

Many people believe that the dub is much funnier with all the new swear words added in and the more sexual references.

On the non-violence side, there are more than a few anime who's sole purpose is Fanservice for Fanservice's sake, including the infamous Eiken and Keijo!!!!!!!!

Master of Martial Hearts tries to be a scathing indictment of fighting fanservice anime , but the actual payoff for this comes right out of left field in the final episode, and the rest of the time it gleefully indulges in exactly the kind of fanservice it's trying to condemn.

Prison Island Break is a Sonic the Hedgehog Dark Fic turned Up to Eleven , which turns your favorite video game animal heroes into notorious criminals who commit and suffer the nastiest crimes a person can imagine, all in explicit detail.

However, it's one of the rare good examples of this trope. Live-Action Films watch Live-Action Films wait Sorted Traffic in Souls , about "white slavery" forced prostitution is probably the Ur-Example.

Reefer Madness is an odd case. It was originally created by a church in an attempt to warn about the dangers of marijuana, and was titled Tell Your Children.

A company specializing in exploitation films bought the rights to it and spiced it up with extra scenes and a new title, changing it into an intentional exploitation film.

Maniac was made by the same people who turned Reefer Madness into an exploitation film. It's a completely crazy story about a Mad Scientist doctor and his even crazier sidekick who kills him and tries to take his place.

It has a Cat Fight , it has a topless woman being raped by a crazed feral man, it has hot women lounging around in lingerie for no damn reason, it has a crazy guy who kills a doctor feeling up a topless patient Child Bride was a rather infamous one back in the day.

It was supposed to be an indictment of irregular marriage laws in the Appalachian Mountains. So why the extended scene of a naked year old girl going swimming?

This one is infamous for being a movie the MST3K crew refused to riff on. Mom and Dad : Featured authentic footage of a woman giving childbirth, as well as authentic footage of the effects of venereal disease.

One of the highest-grossing motion pictures of the era and that's all motion pictures, not just exploitation films. Revenge of the Virgins : A bizarre western nude film in which a tribe of topless female Indian warriors guard a treasure against trespassers.

Mondo Cane : A "documentary" showing bizarre scenes filmed at various places across the world. Became a series that inspired various rip-off movies, all featuring shocking imagery of sex, nudity, violence and death.

Sometimes staged. Sometimes not. Faster, Pussycat! This is after their leader, for no good reason, beats the hell out of a guy rather graphically until he dies, then kidnaps his girlfriend who spends the whole film in a bikini.

The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill : A sexploitation film starring Stacey Walker as the amorous daughter of the sex-wild Fanny Hill, the aptly-named Miss Kissey Hill who employs herself as a high-class courtesan who caters to the desires of the crowned heads of Europe.

The Wild Angels : A Roger Corman film about a California motorcycle gang and their chaotic spree while looking out for one of their members.

The gang's leader is played by Peter Fonda , meaning that film features Fonda, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and s counterculture three years before Easy Rider.

Teenage Mother was described by several reviews as basically everything that Juno was not. They Saved Hitler's Brain : As its title suggests, Nazi war criminals preserve Hitler's brain on a small tropical island until the time is right to resurrect him and, along with him, the Third Reich.

A fairly standard Robin Hood story but featuring far more bare breasts than usual. Renegade Confederate soldiers take over a frontier town, but after they molest a young black woman, a group of ex-slaves arm themselves and counter-attack.

The Devils : Is Ken Russell genuinely interested in the supposed themes of religious faith and corrupt churchmen? Or is he just using it as an excuse for lurid hypersexuality and shock value?

Contains similar elements to The Untold Story lited below, and even starring the same actor. Hell's Bloody Devils : A secret agent infiltrates a neo-Nazi crime group that prints counterfeit U.

It should be noted that the appearance of outlaw bikers in this movie is the result of a quite particular production history: It began shooting in as solely a spy thriller, but after the film couldn't be sold to a proper distributor, new footage featuring bikers was filmed and incorporated into the plot, which then did find a release.

The Corpse Grinders : A cat food company in financial trouble turns to a new, cheap source of meat — the local graveyard.

Only one problem — the new food makes cats develop a taste for human flesh, and kitties are tearing out throats all over town.

Goodbye Uncle Tom is a Mondo film showing the degrading conditions in which black African slaves used to live. The film is far from subtle and notorious for creating walk-outs and riots among viewers.

The Last House on the Left : Wes Craven's debut film about a group of girls who get kidnapped, raped and murdered by a bunch of psychopaths who are then killed off by the girls' parents.

The Suckers '': A sexploitation film with a plot that follows a big-game hunter who invites employees from a modeling agency to his estate, where he hunts them.

Plenty of gratuitous sex scenes occur befor, and even during, the hunt. The only surviving print of the film, from a re-release, appears to contain at least two instances of missing footage.

Black Mama, White Mama : Early Pam Grier movie that starts in a women's prison and then follows the two protagonists as they escape and have to make their way, still chained together, across a tropical island while hunted both by the police and two criminal gangs.

It contains a fair amount of graphic violence but is notable mostly for the enormous amount of Fanservice and female nudity. The Candy Snatchers is a crime movie about the kidnapping of a Catholic schoolgirl called Candy, hence the name.

The movie focuses heavily on her plight, and the things that go wrong with the kidnapping. Meanwhile, the poor kidnap victim is seen Bound and Gagged an awful lot throughout the entire movie.

It does not end well. Forced Entry is said by some to be the first "deranged Vietnam veteran" film, and follows an unnamed former soldier as he stalks, rapes, tortures and kills random women.

It features a lot of actual war footage, so we're shown women being abused alongside shots of gun battles, the wounded and dying, mass graves, bombs being dropped, etc.

Oh, and it's a hardcore porno. They will also learn a bit about greed and exploitation. It will protect you from one particular type of exploitation.

Certain categories of works are subject to special exploitation rights. Kurs angielskiego eTutor. Aplikacje mobilne i wtyczki Diki.

The illegal exploitation of natural resources is a further major problem. This appliance has a very high resistance to exploitation.

Their exploitation of the native population needs to stop. They earned a fortune thanks to the exploitation of the working class. This is also referred to as a form of exploitation.

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis. More Two Thousand Maniacs! Directed by: Joseph Guzman. Directed by: Gregory Goodell. Directed by: Fred Vogel.

Directed by: William Witney. Directed by: Ernst R. Directed by: Sergio Martino. Directed by: Michael Mindlin. Directed by: Ron Atkins.

Directed by: Oscar Williams. Data-driven recommendations based on voting from over 40 million monthly visits to Ranker.

Try the free app. The film is centered on the run of three members of It tells the Released: Directed by: Louis J. Gasnier Reefer Madness is a — American propaganda exploitation drama film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana—from Two young couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of murder end up Maniac Phyllis Diller, Horace B.

Eaten Alive! The film is about a young woman who is searching for her sister after her abduction by a cult in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

It serves as a non-sequel follow-up to the film The Big Doll House. The film was written and StarlandSeay added Two Thousand Maniacs!

It is the second part of what the director's fans have dubbed "The Blood Trilogy", a trio The film was the subject of one of the largest copyright lawsuits in California.

The two lawsuits are the first time that two The best-known film of this genre is the controversial Cannibal Holocaust , in which six animals are killed.

Others include Cannibal Ferox , Eaten Alive! The Green Inferno is a modern homage to the genre. The phenomenon emerged in , when the government of Canada introduced new regulations to jumpstart the then-underdeveloped Canadian film industry, increasing the Capital Cost Allowance tax credit from 60 per cent to per cent.

The period ended in , when the Capital Cost Allowance was reduced to 50 per cent, although films that had entered production under the program continued to be released for another few years afterward.

Carsploitation films feature scenes of cars racing and crashing, featuring the sports cars, muscle cars , and car wrecks that were popular in the s and s.

They were produced mainly in the United States and Australia. The quintessential film of this genre is Vanishing Point Baby Driver and Death Proof are modern tributes to this genre containing some references to Vanishing Point , the latter also being a tribute to slasher films and the films of Russ Meyer.

In the s, a revisionist, non-traditional style of samurai film achieved some popularity in Japan. It became known as chambara , an onomatopoeia describing the clash of swords.

Its origins can be traced as far back as Akira Kurosawa , whose films feature moral grayness [ clarification needed ] and exaggerated violence, but the genre is mostly associated with s samurai manga by Kazuo Koike , on whose work many later films would be based.

Chambara features few of the stoic, formal sensibilities of earlier jidaigeki films — the new chambara featured revenge-driven antihero protagonists, nudity, sex scenes, swordplay, and blood.

Giallo films are Italian-made slasher films that focus on cruel murders and the subsequent search for the killers. They are named for the Italian word for yellow, giallo , the background color featured on the covers of the pulp novels by which these movies were inspired.

Wardh , Blood and Black Lace and Tenebrae. Luigi Cozzi [12]. Mockbusters, sometimes called "remakesploitation films", are copycat movies that try to cash in on the advertising of heavily promoted films from major studios.

Production company the Asylum , which prefers to call them "tie-ins", is a prominent producer of these films. The latter two used scenes from Star Wars and unauthorized excerpts from John Williams ' score.

Mondo films, often called shockumentaries, are quasi-documentary films about sensationalized topics like exotic customs from around the world or gruesome death footage.

The goal of mondo films, as of shock exploitation, is to shock the audience by dealing with taboo subject matter. These "nature-run-amok" films focus on an animal or group of animals, far larger and more aggressive than usual for their species, terrorizing humans while another group of humans tries to fight back.

This genre began in the s, when concern over nuclear weapons testing made movies about giant monsters popular. These were typically either giant prehistoric creatures awakened by atomic explosions or ordinary animals mutated by radiation.

The trend was revived in the s as awareness of pollution increased and corporate greed and military irresponsibility were blamed for destruction of the environment.

Hedorah are examples. After Steven Spielberg 's film Jaws , a number of very similar films sometimes regarded as outright rip-offs were produced in the hope of cashing in on its success.

Roger Corman was a major producer of these films in both decades. The genre has experienced a revival in recent years, as films like Mulberry Street and Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter reflected concerns about global warming and overpopulation.

Nazi exploitation films, also called "Nazisploitation" films, or "il sadiconazista", focus on Nazis torturing prisoners in death camps and brothels during World War II.

The tortures are often sexual, and the prisoners, who are often female, are nude. The progenitor of this subgenre was Love Camp 7 The archetype of the genre, which established its popularity and its typical themes, was Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS , about the buxom, nymphomaniacal dominatrix Ilsa torturing prisoners in a Stalag.

Inglourious Basterds and The Devil's Rock are modern homages to the subgenre. Nudist films originated in the s as films that skirted the Hays Code restrictions on nudity by purportedly depicting the naturist lifestyle.

New York Board of Regents that onscreen nudity is not obscene. This opened the door to more open depictions of nudity, starting with Russ Meyer's The Immoral Mr.

Teas , which has been credited as the first film to place its exploitation elements unapologetically at the forefront instead of pretending to carry a moral or educational message.

This development paved the way for the more explicit exploitation films of the s and s and made the nudist genre obsolete—ironically, since the nudist film Garden of Eden was the subject of the court case.

After this, the nudist genre split into subgenres such as the "nudie-cutie", which featured nudity but no touching, and the "roughie", which included nudity and violent, antisocial behavior.

Nudist films were marked by self-contradictory qualities. They presented themselves as educational films, but exploited their subject matter by focusing mainly on the nudist camps ' most beautiful female residents, while denying the existence of such exploitation.

They depicted a lifestyle unbound by the restrictions of clothing, yet this depiction was restricted by the requirement that genitals should not be shown.

Still, there was a subversive element to them, as the nudist camps inherently rejected modern society and its values regarding the human body.

One scene in The Unashamed makes a point about the artificiality of clothing and its related values through a mocking portrayal of a group of nude artists who paint fully clothed subjects.

The term "Ozploitation" refers broadly to Australian horror, erotic or crime films of the s and s. Changes to Australia's film classification system in led to the production of a number of such low-budget, privately-funded films, assisted by tax exemptions and targeting export markets.

Often an internationally-recognised actor but of waning notability would be hired to play a lead role. Laconic characters and desert scenes feature in many Ozploitation films, but the term has been used for a variety of Australian films of the era that relied on shocking or titillating their audiences.

The films typically have rural or outback settings, depicting the Australian landscape and environment as an almost spiritually malign force that alienates white Australians, frustrating their personal ambitions and activities, and their attempts to subdue it.

This genre contains films in which a person is raped, left for dead, recovers and then exacts a graphic, gory revenge against the rapists.

It is not unusual for the main character in these films to be a successful, independent city woman, who is attacked by a man from the country.

Clover , whose book Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film examines the implications of its reversals of cinema's traditional gender roles.

This type of film can be seen as an offshoot of the vigilante film, with the victim's transformation into avenger as the key scene.

Author Jacinda Read and others believe that rape—revenge should be categorized as a narrative structure rather than a true subgenre, because its plot can be found in films of many different genres, such as thrillers Ms.

The Redsploitation genre concerns Native American characters almost always played by white actors, usually exacting their revenge on their white tormentors.

Sexploitation films resemble softcore pornography. Films in this genre are an excuse for showing scenes involving nude or semi-nude women.

Many movies contain vivid sex scenes, but sexploitations are more graphic than mainstream films. When sexploitations are plot-driven, most of the plot could include killers, slavery, fem-dom , martial-arts, similar style and lines from glamour and screwball comedies, features love interests and flirtation akin to romance films , over-the-top direction, like cheeky homages, fan service and caricatures, and broad performances that may contain sleazy teasing and alluding to foreplay or kink.

Extending the sequences or showing full frontal nudity are typical genre techniques. Films such as Faster, Pussycat! Casting pornstars and hardcore actresses is semi-common.

Sexploitation may contain sex shows to shock or tantalize their audiences. Slasher films focus on a psychopath stalking and violently killing a sequence of victims.

Victims are often teenagers or young adults. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is often credited with creating the basic premise of the genre, though Bob Clark's Black Christmas is usually considered to have started the genre while John Carpenter's Halloween was responsible for cementing the genre in the public eye.

Halloween is also responsible for establishing additional tropes which would go on to define the genre in years to come. The masked villain, a central group of weak teenagers with one strong hero or heroine, the protagonists being isolated or stranded in precarious locations or situations, and either the protagonists or antagonists - or possibly both - experiencing warped family lives or values were all tropes largely founded in Halloween.

The genre continued into and peaked in the s with well-known films like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street The genre experienced a mainstream revival in the s with the success of Scream , which both mocked and paid homage to traditional slasher conventions.

Slasher films often prove popular and spawn sequels, prequels and remakes that continue to the present day. A subtype featuring space , science fiction and horror in film.

Spaghetti westerns are Italian-made westerns that emerged in the mids. They were more violent and amoral than typical Hollywood westerns.

These films also often eschewed the conventions of Hollywood studio Westerns, which were primarily for consumption by conservative, mainstream American audiences.

A splatter film, or gore film, is a horror film that focuses on graphic portrayals of gore and violence.

The first splatter film to popularize the subgenre was George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead , the director's attempt to replicate the atmosphere and gore of EC's horror comics on film.

Initially derided by the American press as "appalling", it quickly became a national sensation, playing not just in drive-ins but at midnight showings in indoor theaters across the country.

George A. Romero coined the term "splatter cinema" to describe his film Dawn of the Dead. Later splatter films, such as Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series , Peter Jackson's Bad Taste and Braindead released as Dead Alive in North America featured such excessive and unrealistic gore that they crossed the line from horror to comedy.

Women in prison films emerged in the early s and remain a popular subgenre. They usually contain nudity, lesbianism, sexual assault, humiliation, sadism, and rebellion among captive women.

Examples are Ted V. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Informal film genre. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Outlaw biker film. See also: List of biker films.

Main article: Blaxploitation. Main article: Cannibal film. Main article: Chambara. Main article: Giallo. Main article: Mockbuster.

In Italy, when you bring a script to a producer, the first question he asks is not "what is your film like?

Main article: Mondo film. Main article: Nazi exploitation. Main article: Nudity in film. Main article: Ozploitation.

Main article: Rape and revenge film. Main article: Native Americans in film. Main article: Sexploitation film.

Main article: Slasher film.

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