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Alone in the dark film

Alone In The Dark Film Inhaltsangabe & Details

Dennoch war der Film ein finanzieller Erfolg, deswegen wurde auch ein zweiter Teil produziert (Alone in the Dark II, ). Soundtrack[Bearbeiten | Quelltext. Alone in the Dark II ist ein deutscher Horrorfilm von Peter Scheerer und Michael Roesch (Regie und Buch). Die Hauptrollen spielen Rick Yune, Lance Henriksen​. Alone in the Dark ein Film von Uwe Boll mit Christian Slater, Tara Reid. Inhaltsangabe: Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) ist Privatdetektiv. Sein Spezialgebiet. In Alone in the Dark sind Christian Slater als Ermittler paranormaler Aktivitäten und Tara Reid als Archäologin damit beschäftigt, höllische Kreaturen zu. Alone in the Dark. Nach 'House of the Dead' versucht sich Regisseur Uwe Boll mit Hilfe amerikanischer Schauspielprominenz an einer weiteren.

alone in the dark film

Alone In The Dark - Film, D, - Christian Slater, Tara Reid - Regie: Uwe Boll - Handlung: Der auf unerklärliche und übernatürliche Phänomene spezialisierte. Alone in the Dark ein Film von Uwe Boll mit Christian Slater, Tara Reid. Inhaltsangabe: Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) ist Privatdetektiv. Sein Spezialgebiet. Alone in the Dark: Horrorfilm von Shawn Williamson mit Christian Slater/​Stephen Dorff/Will Sanderson. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray.

Alone in the Dark II Video Fantasy Horror Thriller. Rampage: President Down Action Crime Thriller. Capital Punishment House of the Dead 2 TV Movie Action Comedy Horror.

Attack on Darfur Drama War. Seed BloodRayne: The Third Reich Rayne joins a resistence group to fight against the Nazis during world war two.

Edit Storyline Edward Carnby, detective of the paranormal, unexplained and supernatural, investigates a mystery the recent death of a friend with clues leading to "Shadow Island" that brings him face to face with bizarre horrors that prove both psychologically disturbing and lethal, as he discovers that evil demons worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani are planning on coming back to life in the 21st century to once again take over the world Taglines: Can mankind defeat the army of darkness unleashed by an ancient evil cult?

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The song that can be heard during the shooting sequence is "Ghost" by Mnemic. Goofs At the beginning, a camera is reflected in the door of Carnby's taxi.

Quotes [ first lines ] Prof. Lionel Hudgens : [ narrating ] In , mine workers discovered the first remnants of a long lost Native American civilization - The Abkani.

The Abkani believed that there are two worlds on this planet, a world of light and a world of darkness. Before they could close it, something evil slipped through.

The Abkani mysteriously vanished from the Earth. Only a few artifacts remained, hidden in the world's most remote places.

These artifacts Alternate Versions As with House of the Dead , the aspect ratio was changed from 2. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: 99 min Unrated Director's Cut 94 min edited. Color: Color. Edit page.

Clear your history. Edward Carnby. Aline Cedrac. Richard Burke. Lionel Hudgens. Captain Chernick as Mark Atcheson. Sister Clara. Deputy Adams.

Young Edward. James Pinkerton. Merton, has taken a new position in Philadelphia. Dan, his wife Nell, and their daughter Lyla, move into a rural home in the area.

At Haven, Dr. Bain uses lenient security methods, except with the third-floor patients, whom he keeps contained with an electric security door.

Angered by Dr. Merton's departure, the third-floor patients irrationally blame Dan, believing he has murdered Merton and taken his place.

The four men make plans to kill Dan, and retrieve his address from Dr. Bain's office. Dan's younger sister, Toni, who has recently suffered a nervous breakdown , arrives to visit.

Dan, Nell, and Tony go to a local rock club, while Lyla is left with babysitter Bunky. A regional power outage occurs that night rendering all electricity in the town ineffective.

The security system at Haven fails, and the four men on the third floor escape, killing security guard Ray in the process, before killing another doctor and stealing his car.

They stop by a local strip mall that is being looted during the blackout, and arm themselves with weapons from a sporting goods store.

The next morning, Preacher arrives at the Potter residence, pretending to be delivering a telegram , but Dan is not home.

While Lyla is at school, Nell accompanies Toni to a nuclear power protest, where the women are arrested. Lyla arrives home from school and finds Ronald in the house, claiming to be a babysitter.

After Nell phones Dan from jail explaining what has happened, Dan calls Bunky, who goes to check on Lyla. She finds Lyla asleep in her room, and invites her boyfriend Billy there to have sex.

Preacher kills Billy by dragging him beneath the bed and stabbing him, while Ronald strangles Bunky. Lyla later awakens unharmed, but Ronald has vanished.

They find police at the house, and Detective Barnett interviewing Lyla about the missing Bunky and Billy. Lyla explains that a man named Ronald babysat her; Dan recognizes him as one of the Haven patients.

Dan and Nell invite Detective Barnett, to stay for dinner. While investigating a noise outside, Barnett is killed with a crossbow by Frank, which is witnessed by the entire family.

Finding the phone lines cut, the family barricade themselves in the house. Meanwhile, Dr. Bain arrives after unsuccessfully attempting to reach Dan by phone, but is hacked to death by Preacher with an axe.

Dan attempts to reason with the men, assuring them he has not killed Dr. Ronald throws Barnett's body through a window, and Preacher manages to infiltrate the basement, where he starts a fire.

Lovecraft-esque subterranean monsters, secret government agencies, and scattered artifacts. This introduction goes on for so long that it seems like it's going to segue into the closing credits.

Even with a voiceover reading the text in ominous tones a service presumably provided for the lazy or illiterate , it clarifies nothing.

A much better introduction would read, "You are about to watch an incomprehensible, murkily photographed film featuring faded stars who look like they'd rather be anywhere else.

In the kind of role that actors take in a desperate attempt to avoid disappearing into the direct-to-DVD realm for good, Christian Slater stars as a man haunted by a past he only vaguely remembers.

Returning from a trip to retrieve an ancient relic, he's attacked by a bald man who's seemingly impervious to bullets, but is capable of being killed by a rod through the heart.

Undaunted by his macabre encounter, Slater returns to the loving arms of Tara Reid, a brilliant museum curator. How brilliant? Not only does she wear smart-looking glasses, she also puts her hair up in a pensive bun whenever she's engaging in deep thought.

It remains unclear what her many layers of make-up symbolize.

alone in the dark film

Alone In The Dark Film "Alone In The Dark" - Handlung und Infos zum Film:

Gesamt: Https:// Schicksal ist ungewiss. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Jessica de Rooij. Uwe Boll not laila lowfire nothing hier allerdings nur noch als Produzent. House of the Dead. Wem das reicht der kann sich an dem Gedonner und Geballer erfreuen, see more dazu eine intelligente Handlung möchte hat den falschen Film erwischt. Finden Sie Alone in the Dark (Deutsche Kinofassung) in unserem Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Bild: Tja, bei einem Film, der "Alone in the Dark" heißt, sollte man wohl erwarten, dass viele Szenen in pechschwarzer Nacht spielen. Dass man in eben diesen. Alone in the Dark: Horrorfilm von Shawn Williamson mit Christian Slater/​Stephen Dorff/Will Sanderson. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Alone In The Dark - Film, D, - Christian Slater, Tara Reid - Regie: Uwe Boll - Handlung: Der auf unerklärliche und übernatürliche Phänomene spezialisierte.

Alone In The Dark Film - Statistiken

House of the Dead. Visa-Nummer -. Doch diese hier haben alles, was ein Kinohit braucht. Shawn Williamson. Uwe Boll soll aufhören - wer dafür ist, kann bei einer Internet-Petition mitmachen. Home Filme Alone in the Dark. Wo kann man diesen Film Am Mathias Https:// Ein Partner von. More info in the Dark. Da siegt mal wieder das Event über den Inhalt - click, es ist eine Videospielverfilmung das ich click here nie gespielt habe! Die deutsche Band Solution Coma steuerte das Titellied bei. Beim Betreten eines alten Krankenzimmers here klar, click to see more die Spezialeinheit den Waisenkindern Würmer eingepflanzt hatte, um link in Zombies zu verwandeln.

Alone In The Dark Film Video

Alone In The Dark 2005

Alone In The Dark Film Video

Cinematic Excrement: Episode 49 - Alone In The Dark, part 1 Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Https:// Die Besten Monsterfilme. Check this out wie Alone in the Dark. Mitten in den Analysen treibt auf einmal ein Monster sein Unwesen in den Ausstellungsräumen des Museums und einige Mitarbeiter fallen der Kreatur zum Filme 2019. Deutscher Titel. alone in the dark film Dass bis heute alle auf Tara Reid heum hacken, halte ich dagegen für ungerechtfertigt. Angel Heart. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Fazit: Ballern, ballern, ballern Richard Schwadel. Link zu Alone in the Dark werden geladen Click lesen. User folgen 3 Follower Lies learn more here Kritiken. Silent Hill: Revelation. Die deutsche Band Solution Coma steuerte das Titellied bei. Silent Moviepalast. Tara Reid. However, I more info no feel that in anyway this word describes how truly awful this film is. On top of that is narrated, as to suggest that matter stream dark the viewer cannot read. The best comedy movies more info Hulu. In the ironically named city of Paradise, a loser teams up with his cult-leading uncle to steal a peculiar bounty of riches from their local amusement park. The action scenes are chaotic and are impossible to follow. Clear your history. Laingwho espoused a similar philosophy regarding the treatment of mentally ill patients.

I was especially excited because the game Alone in the Dark ranks in my very exclusive list of all-time scariest games ever The point is, I was expecting a movie that would scare my pants off and send chills up my spine, much like the first game did back in the early 90s.

Before the movie started, a man came out and stood before us, and announced that we were the very first audience ever to see this movie, and he hoped we enjoyed it.

The excitement built! The movie started This movie sucked! Plain and simple. The plot was, by far, the worst thing about the movie, followed not too distantly by the dialogue and cheesy acting.

The only actor who did a halfway decent job was the main character, Edward Carnby played by Christian Slater. In fact, I would go so far as to say he carried the entire movie.

Please note: From here on, I will be making references to the movie that would be considered spoilers.

Even references to how the movie ends. If you actually intend to see this movie even after reading this review, you may want to skip the part about the plot.

Let's return to the plot for a moment. This is where the bulk of the problems lie. The plot can be summed up through the following words: broken, confusing, irrelevant, uninformed, and poorly written.

The movie has practically nothing to do with the games. The games were based off of an investigator who explored various "supernatural" phenomena, and became trapped in this haunted mansion.

The entire point of the game was to get out of the mansion alive The movie didn't take place in a mansion, really had very little to do with the supernatural and more about some sort of alien creatures.

It wasn't a psychological thriller with some action interspersed, it was an action flick There were several questions raised in the movie that were never answered or even dealt with for that matter.

There was this theme of some ancient civilization which apparently had something to do with these creatures, but it was never explained what the civilization had to do with the creatures, or where or what these creatures were to begin with.

Several inconsistencies with elements of the movie. For instance big spoiler ahead. It's established that these creatures cannot exist in the light.

They're hurt by sunlight and various other types of light sources. Then, at the end, the main characters climb out of their underground ordeal, appear in the city, during the day, and notice that everyone is missing.

Then, in broad daylight, one of these creatures jumps out at them and the movie ends. It seems the director forgot to pay attention to that little fact.

This is one of many inconsistencies in the movie. It's rife with them. There was this military? It was never established what this organization was, if they were part of the government or not, or anything about them.

They just showed up and all the characters in the movie just accepted them as being in charge of things.

The love scene. Completely gratuitous! There was no chemistry between the hero and the heroin. In fact, the only way one would know that there was any kind of attraction between them was that it was briefly established in the beginning that they used to be in a relationship.

Then, for no apparent reason, in the midst of all this danger and alien creatures in the same building with them, bam.

They go at it. Then, as if nothing had happened, the rest of the movie they continue on their way with absolutely no chemistry to the very end.

Character Development Several points where the movie moved way too fast or way too slow, causing either confusion or boredom.

I could go on, I have a whole list of things I disliked about the movie, but I'll stop here. There were a couple good points to the movie, and it's only fair to state them.

The introduction was well done and was relatively engaging. I'd go so far as to say the first scene was the best scene in the entire movie although even that scene had several points to it which raised questions that were never answered or dealt with in any way - adding to the confusion later on.

The cinematography in parts was creative and showed a level of quality that was far beyond this film. The special fx held their own and, for the most part, were impressive at points.

Alone in the Dark could have followed in the footsteps of the games it was based on, and potentially done an amazing job.

The games were incredibly frightening and established a mood of horror and suspense from the moment you started playing till long after you quit playing.

This movie did nothing more than leave a feeling of disgust at the pit of my stomach, that it should represent a series of amazing games and fail so miserably at doing so.

The sad fact is, my friend and I had the opportunity to see Alone in the Dark for free, and yet, somehow, we both came out of the ordeal feeling cheated.

Well where do I begin my story?? I went to this movie tonight with a few friends not knowing more than the Actors that were in it, and that it was supposed to be a horror movie.

Well I figured out within the first 20 minutes, what a poor decision I had made going out seeing this movie.

The Plot was crap, and so was the script. The lines were horrible to the point that people in the audience were laughing hysterically.

The cast couldn't have been more plastic looking. Even some of the scenes seemed like they should have been made much quicker Very poor editing.

All in all this movie was a giant waste of time and money. The minute the forward started, I knew we were in for trouble!

The premise is laughable at best. The story line was even worse, if that is possible. The acting was stiff and the actors gave off a sense of inexperience.

You expect more from the likes of Slater, Reid and Dorff. Lines were delivered as if from a robot. Slater and Dorff picked a lousy film to try and stage their comebacks.

The continuity was off through out the entire film. The creatures weren't bad, but they really weren't good either.

Bottom line, I want that ninety minutes of my life back. They can keep the money, but give me the time! What a waste.

True, there are many movies much worse then this movie. Predator Yes, even that movie surpassed this. Movies like this make Battlefield Earth look like a Star Wars it is so bad.

Razzie awards lookout, your biggest competition has just arrived in theaters. This film I'm talking about is of course Alone in the Dark.

I'll try to take you though a step by step process on why this film was so bad. Acting- I'll first start off with what perhaps was the best component of this film next to the ending credits, which played 'Wish I had An Angel', the acting.

Christian Slater must be proud of himself, he successfully proved that it is possible to act decent in a film worse then drinking antifreeze.

Though all his awful dialog he had to speak, it made me wonder why he just didn't walk off the set halfway. Perhaps it was because of Stephen Dorff being in the film as well somebody he wishes he could be but fails at it.

Tara Reid is a bad actress but good looking and that's all that really matters in films like these. That is not to say the acting was perfect though, it was average, not good, and perhaps the only thing in the film not good.

The Soundtrack- Except for 'Wish I had An Angel', the soundtrack is pointless and bad heavy medal being pumped into the viewers ears, perhaps to disguise the awful story something I will get to soon.

A long and very expensive 2 CD soundtrack is now up for sale for those musically challenged. Telling us "Yes, movies can get this utterly bad and that's just the beginning to my deadly saga of awful movies".

At least it is said to be directed by Uwe Ball. Without being told I would have guessed a monkey was kidnapped from the Congo, brought here and forced to make opinions on how to make the movie under penalty of being shocked.

The director of photography was probably a camcorder taped onto a skateboard and pushed forward until it hits a wall. On the scenes where the camera should stay still it is constantly moving, not allowing us to stop anywhere and when it should be moving in action, the camera stops for some reason.

The Producing- Who on earth is stupid enough to put money towards this bomb? I pity the fool Sometimes I'm glad he or she was taught such a lesson to never put money towards garbage worse then dog dung tied up in a bag.

Edward Carnby escapes as a child from an orphanage where 20 children where to go under science experiments. He escapes and hides in an electrical outlet where he is electrocuted this is the point where it got so bad i started to laugh out loud.

Then it fast-forwards many years later where he's a paranoia detective. He get's attacked by some zombie that can't be shot to death, kills it and moves on with life.

Later on he gets attacked by some crazy looking monster and he discovers secrets that nobody else knows. Yeah, the plot is bad, really really bad.

The film beings with expecting us to read approximately 10 minutes, which felt like , of random text about an untrue civilization called the Abskani.

The film goes not to have one twist after another, more then the audience can handle, more then the audience wants to handle, more then the audience could ever care about.

This storyline is rock bottom bad that even Double Dragon does better. Overall, miss out on this movie. I gave it a 1 out of 10 but that is because there is no 0.

BrandtSponseller 29 January I usually start by relaying the premise of the film, but before anyone makes any hasty judgments about my review, let me preface it by saying that I'm someone who likes most films just check my other reviews.

Alone in the Dark is a film by director Uwe Boll, whose film right before this one was House of the Dead Like Alone in the Dark, it was also a film adaptation of a video game.

Almost everyone hated it. Well, I loved it. I even gave it a 10 out of 10! My point in stating this which will surely turn some readers off immediately is that if even I hated Alone in the Dark, there must be something wrong with it.

The Premise: Who am I kidding? Attempting to state a premise for this film is about as easy as trying to balance the United States' budget, but here it goes anyway.

Some archaeologists discovered evidence of some lost American Indian tribe. The Indian tribe apparently had discovered some means of broaching the "second world", which was evil in nature.

The bad stuff wiped them out, but not before they could lock the door to the evil world and throw away the key. Believe it or not--everything up to this point and then some is told to us in a written prologue to the film--it's just white text scrolling across a black screen with a voice-over also reading it to us.

Then, there was something about the kids being in an orphanage, but the government takes them back out, and then a bunch of people are searching for archaeological relics, and there are super humans roaming around, and a bunch of military people are called in and on and on.

In fact, the exposition never really stops. It's like a neverending backstory from hell. There are enough ideas here to fill at least 10 films, maybe But not one of them is presented in a coherent way to create one good film.

In addition to the mystical lost Indian tribe and the superhumans, we also get monsters that resemble a cross between Alien and a werewolf, worms that invade your body and turn into snake-like aliens, tunneling worms underground, zombies, Starship Trooper-like wars, evil scientists, underground lairs, gold mines, spooky warehouses, impalements, big mostly unused museums, government conspiracies, golden trunks pulled out of the sea, nuns, explosions, complex backstabbing plots, a very ambiguous romance, car chases, home invasions, kitchen sinks.

Even more amazingly amusingly? Tara Reid called Alone in the Dark "a smarter film". Let me not mislead anyone.

A lot of that stuff above might sound yummy to the potential audience for this film, but the problem is that nothing has the slightest connection to anything else.

I usually had no idea what any setting's relation was to any other setting, why we were there, or what anyone was doing at least when each scene began.

Then when he was done, he and editor Richard Schwadel decided to cut the film by using dice, then reassembled it by throwing the I Ching.

Sometimes the film plays like an extended director's reel which is a combination of short, varied, unrelated scenes that directors circulate to try to get work , but perhaps that's being too generous.

I'm not sure Boll would get work if this were his reel. Just as I tend to at least like most films, I tend to like most actors and most performances.

It's very rare that I say that a performance was bad. Well, Tara Reid was bad here--and I'm someone who usually likes Reid. I don't know what happened.

For a large percentage of the film, they just move her around the set like a prop. They might as well have just bought a blow-up doll.

That would have saved them money that they could have used for some cgi ghosts and vampires in castle and graveyard settings.

Maybe they chose to move her around like a pretty piece of driftwood after they saw the dailies of her mumbling nonsense dialogue in a monotone that's usually reserved for entertaining mother-in-laws.

And speaking of that dialogue, a lot of Alone in the Dark plays like a Godzilla film without Godzilla. By that, I mean that it's a lot of pseudo-scientific gobbledy-gook.

At least in Godzilla films, there's a campiness to it, because they know how ridiculous it is, and there's a big payoff in that we get to see Godzilla destroy downtown and battle a giant gnat with radioactive death beams shooting from its eyes or something.

Just what Stephen Dorff and Christian Slater are doing here, besides overacting and filing lawsuits against their agents, is difficult to say.

I can't say that I thought anyone in the film had a decent performance, although maybe Slater at least saw the cigar. I think that's unprecedented for me.

Still, I didn't give this film a 1. There was some competent cinematography, even if Boll and Schwadel made mincemeat out of it, and the hard rock tunes over the end credits were good.

Heck, even the novelette prologue wasn't so bad. I actually thought the film had promise at that point. But this may just be the worst film I've ever seen with a budget of 20 million or more.

TheOneJoshAarons 22 July I personally just want to thank those brilliant casting directors for the hard work and effort.

You guys are on. Heres an idea, just my humble lowly opinion as the movie going public but it follows directly with your previous choices,a movie about the most brilliant neuro-physicist in history invent one pill to cure all diseases ever known to man and get this, heres the clincher they have to be played by Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.

I knew you guys would love that. From the reviews I've read, the scathing criticism of Boll I've heard and all the message boards on IMDb, my expectations were way low.

Anderson too. Now that I've killed off two-thirds of IMDb's users by saying the above, let me kill off the rest by saying that I thought 'Alone in the Dark' was quite good.

I reckon, as B-grade movie directors go, the guy's got talent. He handles the sex scene very well without it being fifteen minutes long and featuring an inordinate amount of nudity and fading in and out all the time and the film was fastly paced and tight.

The visual effects were also amazingly well-done for such a film, the creatures I forget what they're called especially. I could overlook the problems with the script and the acting, but only because 'Alone in the Dark' is so suspenseful and genuinely interesting at times.

There's never a dull nor slow moment to be found. I've seen worse films than this; much worse.

While it may not sit well with gamers, 'Alone in the Dark' is one of the better B-grade horror films I've seen in years, just as long as you don't take it seriously.

Based on the Atari video game , the film starts with a lengthy opening text. In fact this long prologue was added after several test audience members said they were confused by the screenplay.

In mine workers discovered the first remnants of a long lost native American civilization , the Abkani. They believed there are two worlds on this planet.

Eventually, Stephen Dorff shows up as an agent of Bureau , a top-secret government operation that's much more underground than Bureaus , , or In a related development, snarling CGI baddies that look like the hellhounds from Ghostbusters also hit the scene, forcing everyone to converge on an abandoned gold mine in a last-ditch effort to save humanity.

This mostly involves a lot of gunplay in badly lit rooms. In addition to the reams of exposition, the pre-movie material also includes one other crucial bit of information: The line "An Uwe Boll Film.

The cheap, loud Alone In The Dark marks an improvement over Boll's last effort, simply because it doesn't cut away to subliminal flashes of images from the game itself, but the artistic evolution pretty much stops there.

Reid, Dorff, and Slater piece together clues, proceed to new locations, and shoot up the forces of evil, then start the process again.

Occasionally, loud things happen that don't make much sense, but don't get in the way of the action, either.

In that, Alone In The Dark is a fairly faithful adaptation of what a game is like, but without the pleasure of getting to play or the much-needed option of pressing the "off" button.

The A. Reviews Movie Review. Originally, the film version of Alone in the Dark was to be released with Alone in the Dark 5 , the fifth title in the series; however, the creators of Alone in the Dark , Eden Games , delayed the game and reworked it entirely from scratch.

This appears to be one of the causes for the public backlash from gamers on how the film version of Alone in the Dark appeared to deviate from the Alone in the Dark game franchise save for the fact that the film was in some ways a sequel to Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Uwe Boll stated his disappointment on the region 1 DVD commentary but also said that Atari had face shots of Christian Slater for the newest game - Alone in the Dark 5 , which was released on June 26, Just don't take it seriously and you'll have a fun time.

The 2-disc soundtrack was released by Nuclear Blast , with Wolfgang Herold as executive producer. The German band Agathodaimon 's contribution was the title song.

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October Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 15 October Archived from the original on 14 October Retrieved 22 September Archived from the original on 18 August Our Critics Weigh In".

The A.

Alone In The Dark Film - Redaktionskritik

Uwe Boll fungierte hier allerdings nur noch als Produzent. Schlecht, schlecht, schlecht!!! Nachdem die drei eine Bombe im Nest der Zombies platziert haben, versuchen sie zu entkommen und die Bombe per Fernzünder explodieren zu lassen.

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