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Lying game staffel 3

Lying Game Staffel 3 Die Reaktion der Fans

via Twitter folgende Mitteilung: "An alle großartigen #lyinggame Fans: Vielen Dank für diese tollen zwei Staffeln. Leider hat sich ABC Family. Die erste Staffelhälfte wollten 1,3 Millionen Zuschauer sehen, was zu einem Rating von 0,5 Prozent bei den bis Jährigen führte. DAS WAHRHEITSSPIEL (TEIL 1/3). Ethan und Emma waren auf dem Sofa zusammen gekuschelt. Beide trugen nichts außer Unterwäsche. NUR SO STARK WIE DEIN SCHWÄCHSTES GLIED (TEIL 2/3). Emma und Sutton saßen auf nebeneinander stehenden Tischen. Mr. Beattie saß am Rande des. The Lying Game: Die aus ärmeren Verhältnissen stammende Emma (Alexandra Chando) findet heraus, Man haääte die Serie auch kurz und bündig in 2 Staffeln mit jeweils 13 Folgen zu Ende bringen können. Nur leider wird es keine 3.

lying game staffel 3

Entdecke die 20 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie The Lying Game. The Lying Game. User-Wertung. 3,1 2 Wertungen Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 1. THE LYING GAME ist auch meine absolute Lieblingsserie! Leider habe ich im Internet gelesen, dass es unglücklicherweiße keine 3 Staffel gibt, weil ABC Family. via Twitter folgende Mitteilung: "An alle großartigen #lyinggame Fans: Vielen Dank für diese tollen zwei Staffeln. Leider hat sich ABC Family. Erstausstrahlung Unterstützt wird sie von Ethan Whitehorse, in den sich Emma verliebt. Er hat zum Beispiel Suttons Laptop gestohlen, er ist mit Char zusammengekommen, um Informationen über Suttons Wissen der article source Mutter zu erfahren, und er hat versucht sie zu see more. Januar und dem Ende der ersten Staffel heiraten Rebecca und er und Alec wird wegen Mordes verhaftet. Episode 10 - Kapitel 3 Man erfährt jedoch, dass sie ihr Kind bei einem Feuer verloren hat und this web page zwei Tage alte Emma jinx maze hat, weshalb sie the hunters in eine Psychiatrie eingewiesen wird. Soll sie ihre eigene Sicherheit riskieren um zu erfahren, wo Zwillingsschwester ist?

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Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family at a young age.

Emma was placed in the foster care system her whole life. After her foster brother, Travis, frames her for stealing from her foster mother, Emma goes on the run and decides to meet up with Sutton.

Already having leads on their birth parents, Sutton wants to go to Los Angeles and find more information about them, convincing Emma to take her place for the next few days.

In Sutton's place, Emma manages to slightly confuse the Mercers although they don't suspect a thing and break up with Sutton's cheating "fake" boyfriend.

Along the way, Emma meets Ethan, Sutton's secret boyfriend who soon figures out her secret. After Sutton mysteriously doesn't show up at their scheduled meeting place, they both agree to continue the charade until Sutton returns.

Someone breaks into Sutton's room and steals her laptop. A scene is then shown of Sutton, sitting in a car, listening to the radio.

The car door suddenly opens and Sutton lets out a gasp. Wendey Stanzler. With no word from Sutton, Emma must continue to take her place until she returns from Los Angeles.

She also learns of "the lying games", a series of uploaded pranks Sutton and her two best friends used to play. Emma takes dancing lessons from Ethan to take Sutton's place at an upcoming father-daughter dance.

Meanwhile, Laurel becomes suspicious of the new-and-improved Sutton and even gets a bit jealous. She later catches Emma with Ethan and assumes that Sutton is involved in a relationship with him.

Emma defends Sutton's best friends, including standing up for Char against her over-the-top mother and starts to bond with them.

At the dance, Emma as Sutton is thrown into a fight with Madeline and her drunk father, resulting in Ethan slamming him against a wall as a way of defending Emma.

At home, Sutton's mother finds Emma's cell phone and confusingly answers a call from her foster brother, asking for an "Emma".

Later, Sutton video-chats Emma, telling her that she has faced a few setbacks in L. Sutton also discovers that Ethan has found out about Emma, whom she had never spoken to him about.

As she logs off, it is shown that Sutton is actually working with Thayer, Madeline's brother who's trying to make it in L.

Laurel tells her parents about Sutton and Ethan after her father becomes suspicious of him after what happened at the dance and they go upstairs to confront her about it, only to find that Ethan was in her room.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Madeline's father was behind the theft of Sutton's laptop, meaning that he also has some secrets of his own.

Michael Grossman. After the Mercers find out that Sutton is dating Ethan, Emma as Sutton suggests that he come for dinner so that they could get to know him better.

Ethan reluctantly agrees and they both decide to keep the relationship private. Laurel meets a new guy in town, Justin and quickly falls for him.

Later at school, Char also meets Justin in the hallway and 'calls dibs' on him, a term Sutton coined that is used to reserve boys.

It is obvious that Justin has feelings for Laurel, but because of Char, Laurel is forced to stepped back and she seeks advice from Sutton, who wouldn't normally be helpful in this type of situation.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Sutton and Thayer find Ruth Peterson, who was listed as Sutton and Emma's birth mother on their birth certificate and find out that she was paid to sign the papers, telling them that she isn't their real mother.

Ruth also lets them know that both Sutton and Emma were adopted into wealthy families before she lost contact with them.

They go on to find the Websters, Emma's former adoptive parents. They are then informed that while the Websters did in fact adopt Emma, a woman claiming to be Ruth came back for her and they had to legally hand her over.

Sutton and Thayer begin to suspect that the Mercers knew something was going on all along. At the Mercer family dinner, Dan unexpectedly drops by to take Ethan home, saying that it was a family emergency.

It turns out that Madeline's father's accomplice had framed Ethan for stealing Sutton's laptop. Because of this, Emma no longer knows who she can trust and begins to doubt her bond with Ethan.

When they return to Thayer's place, Sutton and Thayer find out that the house had been broken into and that the laptop had been used. When the screen zooms out, it is revealed that Thayer's father is in L.

At Char's party, Justin tells Sutton that he likes Laurel, and Sutton gives him her address since Laurel planned on staying home that night.

He later shows up at her door and Laurel agrees to go on a date. Emma goes to apologize to Ethan and they share a romantic moment, although they pull back because Ethan was supposed to be in love with the real Sutton, not Emma.

Back at the Mercer house, Sutton video-chats with Emma and shows Emma a picture of her as a baby, with her birth mother, a photo which was given to Sutton by Mr.

David Jackson. Mark Driscoll. During a nightly run, Emma runs into Alec, who seems to have been following her, and he offers her a ride home.

Alec tells Ted that he needs to keep an eye on her to prevent her from finding out any sort of information. Meanwhile, Char seems to believe that Sutton, Mads, and herself are drifting apart as best friends: Sutton sides with Laurel when it comes to who should date Justin and Mads is having a secret affair with her ballet instructor without telling her.

This sudden paranoia comes from Nisha, who after joining ballet at her tennis coach's request, tries to break up their friendship.

Back in L. Emma experiences a nightmare in which she is trapped in an unknown place and is unable to breathe, assuming that she must have been drowning.

Sutton, who had also experienced the same nightmare in the past, encourages Emma to tap into her childhood memories, as Sutton thinks that Emma is the key to finding their birth mother.

Laurel stages a confession in which she takes the blame for stealing Sutton's laptop as opposed to Ethan, who was to be on trial for the crime, saying that it was to repay Sutton for setting her up with Justin.

Later, when Emma meets up with Ethan in the middle of the night, he tries to help her recover her memories to no avail. When Emma sees the sparks from their fire rise into the starry sky, she suddenly remembers that she wasn't drowning in her nightmare at all - she was trapped in a fire when she was young.

With this information in hand, Sutton and Thayer are able to locate the burnt home in Fillmore and Emma is able to remember many details of her childhood home, from the swing in the doorway to the stars painted on the ceiling.

Sutton then finds the name "Annie Hobbs" also painted on the ceiling and Emma immediately thinks that it was the name of their mother. Alec and Ted are beginning to get more suspicious of Sutton and it is clear that they are hiding something about Annie and the girls' past, while Kristin seems to not know anything about the situation at all.

As the homecoming dance is approaching, Emma as Sutton is pressured to run for homecoming queen.

She initially drops out of the race, but after realizing that Char and Mads have done a lot on her campaign, and the fact that it would be too suspicious for her to not go through with it, she reluctantly agrees to run against Nisha.

Laurel's boyfriend Justin is also running for homecoming court and she enlists herself as his campaign manager.

When Ted and Emma are going through his old high school photos, he comes across a picture of his younger self, Ted, and a mystery girl and proceeds to tear it out of the album.

Ted and Kristin find out that Emma is actually a very talented artist and they begin to wonder if any of her birth parents had the same skills.

When Eduardo comes to Mads' house to talk about the status of her relationship, Alec comes home early and she hides him a closet.

While in hiding, Eduardo overhears a phone conversation between Alec and an unknown nurse. Alec tells her to watch out for Sutton if she ever comes looking for Annie.

Meanwhile, Sutton is clearly upset when Emma informs her that she is running for homecoming queen in her place and reminds her that she will take her life back.

When Sutton rants to Ethan about Emma taking over her life, he defends Emma and tells her that she most likely never had the intention of telling the world about their relationship and breaks it off with her.

At the homecoming dance, Sutton and Justin win the title of homecoming queen and king. During the king-and-queen dance, Ethan shows up and cuts in, asking Emma for a dance.

They then share a kiss in the middle of the dance floor, officially publicizing their relationship. Alec receives a picture message of Mads and Eduardo most likely from Nisha and confronts Mads.

When she admits that Eduardo was indeed inside their house earlier, he goes to confront him about the phone call that he might have overheard, only to be interrupted by Mads at the door.

When Sutton sees the homecoming photos online, she stares at screen in disbelief when she comes across a picture of Emma and Ethan's kiss. As revenge, Sutton begins to make out with Thayer, who obviously had feelings for her despite the fact that she had a boyfriend.

Emma finds the photo that Ted hid and figures out that it was a picture of Ted, Alec, and Annie as teenagers. At the end of the episode in an unknown hospital, the girls' mother, Annie, is shown furiously painting a portrait of twin girls, while many other like portraits are seen in the background.

Emma confronts Ethan about the kiss and tells him that they'll never work, as she isn't who she says she is and he is dating her twin sister.

Laurel and her parents invite Justin and his parents over for a barbecue, but after he continues to give excuses, Laurel decides to pay his house a visit.

It turns out that Justin didn't live at the address he provided to the school and this leads Laurel to investigate what exactly is going on with her boyfriend.

Sutton is using Thayer as revenge in L. They find an art gallery that takes contributions from an artist named Annie Hobbs and are convinced that she's the one that they've been looking for.

After thinking about what Emma said, Ethan breaks up with Sutton to date her, although to the rest of the world, they're still the same person.

Meanwhile, backlash from Madeline and Eduardo's flirtationship continues as Mads finds out that Eduardo quit his choreographing job and is leaving town.

She suspects that this has something to do with the conversation that he had with her father, and while Eduardo confirms this, he was sworn to secrecy about what exactly went on.

Following Emma as Sutton 's suggestion, Laurel drives around Justin's suspected neighborhood and finds out that he's actually a runaway orphan trying to make it through life playing golf.

Later, Emma finally decides to tell Ethan about Sutton cheating on him with Thayer, but his reaction wasn't at all what she expected and he breaks up with her for not telling her as soon as she found out.

While at Char's house helping her prepare for her date with Derek Alec's partner-in-crime , Emma sees a picture of Annie on the wall and confronts Phyllis about it, only to have her freak out and tell her that Annie moved to L.

Emma talks to Kristin about Annie and she openly talks about what she knew about her which was very little , much to Ted's surprise, who was eavesdropping from the hallway.

Mads finds out that Eduardo had been in a car accident and is in critical condition, calling Emma as Sutton and Char to the hospital for support.

Ethan accidentally talks about an "Emma" in front of Char, leading her to believe that he was cheating on Sutton which is really Emma with another girl.

In the last scene, the real Sutton is shown arriving at Dowinger Clinic, looking for Annie. The receptionist falsely tells her that Annie isn't there as she was forewarned by Alec and Sutton goes exploring within the clinic anyway.

She finds Annie sitting in her room and as she whispers "Mom", someone grabs her from behind, to Annie's horror.

John Scott. Sutton has been held hostage at the mental hospital where Annie Hobbs is being kept. Hughes calls Alec and tells him that she has the "Sutton Mercer" that he warned her about locked up.

Alec then tells her to keep an eye on her because the real Sutton actually Emma was in a Phoenix hospital with him.

After a series of misunderstandings, Dr. Hughes thinks that Sutton is actually Emma Becker pretending to be Sutton Mercer and doesn't catch on to the fact that they are twins.

Mads suspects that Emma as Sutton has been keeping secrets from her and their friendship is strained when it matters the most.

Ethan begins to show signs of jealousy when he sees Emma exchanging search information with Thayer. Emma, however, is not fully convinced that Ethan is completely over Sutton after what happened at the hospital.

Alec is getting more and more suspicious of Emma as Sutton and tries to keep everyone away from Eduardo, who might know a secret of his or two.

Meanwhile, Laurel convinces herself that Justin is "the one" and wants to take their relationship to the next step, asking her sister for advice although unlike Sutton, Emma isn't experienced in that field at all.

Thayer gets Char to talk to her new boyfriend, Derek Alec's undercover accomplice , about why he's been exchanging multiple phone calls with Alec.

Emma and Thayer hack into Ted's computer to find a password for the hospital doors after visitation hours to hopefully get more information from Eduardo.

At the door, Emma runs into Ethan, who won't leave her alone, saying that he's only looking out for her. She also runs into Mads and Char, who demand to know why she's sneaking around, especially with Ethan, who they still think cheated on her with "Emma.

Alec had also paid him a visit, allowing him to keep seeing Mads as long as he doesn't say a word about the phone call he overheard.

Back at Char's house, Emma as Sutton decides to come clean to Mads and Char to Ethan and Thayer's concern and tells them that she's been looking for her birth mother and that Alec has been keeping vital information about her.

Mads is also shocked to find out that her father paid Eduardo to leave town, leading to his tragic accident, although their important conversation is cut short when Alec walks in to check up on his daughter.

At the Dowinger clinic, Sutton gets a male nurse to let her out of her room for 15 minutes to meet Annie. Annie reveals that either Ted or Alec told her that Emma had died that day in the Fillmore house fire and she had blamed herself all these years, driving her to insanity.

When Sutton tells her that Emma was indeed alive and taking her place in Arizona, Annie goes crazy and calls security on a heartbroken Sutton.

Ted and Kristin find Laurel in bed with Justin through a phone-tracking device. In the ending scene, Emma is getting dressed for bed when she finds Travis, her foster brother from Las Vegas, in her room and is shocked to find out that he knows about her being a twin.

Norman Buckley. Madeline finds out that Eduardo has moved to an anonymous hospital. After being exposed by her parents, Laurel convinces them to find Justin a place to stay so that he can stay in Phoenix.

Travis wants Emma to help him steal from the Mercers and Emma stalls him with Char's costume jewelry. Ethan tries to make amends with Emma, but she continues to push him away due to Travis being in town.

Annie calls Alec from the mental clinic and asks him about Emma, the daughter that she thought she had unintentionally killed.

He tells her to drop the situation and that she's living in a better place. At Justin's new living space at the country club, Ted notices a crate of his things and almost looks at it, only to be detoured onto another topic by Justin.

Travis continues to make sexual advances towards Emma and one night, Ethan catches Travis kissing Emma. Not knowing who Travis was, Ethan starts to ignore Emma out of jealousy.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Emma host a small house party while the Mercers are away at the plastic surgeons convention.

Thayer invites Ethan to the party, telling Emma that they need to make up since he thinks they are perfect for one another.

Emma reveals her current emotions to Ethan, although he doesn't show that he feels the same way anymore. This raises some red flags for Kristin about her husband.

A slightly drunk Emma makes moves on Ethan, who turns her down. In the middle of the night, Sutton tries to call home from jail, although Emma is too slow to answer and she doesn't want to leave a message.

Emma finds Travis lurking outside of the Mercer home and tells her that he found out about the fake jewelry.

He almost sexually assaults her, but Ethan manages to knock him out. After telling Ethan about everything that had been going on lately, and it is implied that they have reconciled.

Back at home, Kristin becomes obsessed with finding out more about Annie after her name was dropped at the convention and this leads to Ted becoming paranoid about keeping his secrets hidden.

Ethan threatens Travis into leaving town. Sutton writes an angry letter back home, telling her parents about Emma taking her place.

Emma, Ethan, and Thayer find out that Sutton had been held at the detention center in Las Vegas, but had just been bailed out by an anonymous donor.

Justin is shown holding a picture of the Mercer family in his room that he tore out from their family photo album. Annie has run away from the mental clinic.

On her release day, Sutton is picked up by Lexi, Emma's best friend, who had mistaken her for Emma. Alec sees all of this from his car across the street and he was most likely the anonymous person who bailed Sutton presumably Emma out of the juvenile detention center.

She is later aggressively confronted by Emma's former foster mother, Clarice, who was most upset about not receiving any more money after her fostering license was taken away when Emma fled town.

Emma and Ethan overhear Ted and Kristen arguing about whether or not to "tell Sutton the truth. This prompts Emma to investigate what Kristen might know.

Laurel's lies to her parents about her and Justin are exposed and this causes a rift between the four of them until Emma gives her a little advice about family honesty.

Alec is unhappy about Derek's growing bond with Char which was supposed to be fake so he could spy on Sutton and tells him to break up with her on their tenth day anniversary, which he does to Char's surprise.

Emma suspects that Alec had something to do with it. Back in Vegas, Sutton is looking for a way back to Phoenix, but doesn't have any money for a bus ticket.

After giving Emma's image a makeover, Sutton catches the attention of some boys at Emma's school and they invite her and Lexi to a casino party.

Sutton sees this as an opportunity for a way out. A person named "Annie" calls Char in Phoenix to talk, but Phyllis grabs the phone before she could say anything.

It is revealed that she is Phyllis' younger sister whom she had stopped contact with over the years. When Char tells this to Mads, Derek is shown eavesdropping in the background.

He later meets up with Alec and tells him that he'll only tell him what he knows if he could get back with Char.

At the casino party, Sutton manages to get the money she needs after a series of "extremely lucky" rounds of blackjack.

The male nurse back at the Dowinger Clinic contacts Sutton to tell her that Annie had gone to find her. In the end, Laurel decides to be honest with her mother, bringing the two together, while Ted lays it down on Justin during a round of golf, leading Justin to believe that Ted isn't the honest, wholesome guy everyone might think he is.

Lexi reveals to Sutton that she knew that she wasn't Emma all along and urges her to make up with Emma when she returns to Phoenix, which Sutton is reluctant to do.

The letter of secrets that Sutton sent the Mercers during her time in jail arrives in the mail and Emma is able to intercept it before Kristen opens it, saying that she wrote it out of anger, but she doesn't mean it now.

She tears it up in front of Kristen, but later tapes it back together and reads it to Ethan.

Emma starts thinking about how she'll say goodbye to everyone she'll have to leave, but Ethan promises her that he'll follow her to wherever she'll have to go.

Ron Lagomarsino. It's Emma and Sutton's 17th birthday and the Mercers promise Sutton a day full of festivities.

Emma is aware that her time in Phoenix is coming to an end and she wants to come clean to the Mercers about her true identity before she leaves.

She starts giving heartfelt goodbyes to Kristin, Ted, and Laurel, who have grown to be like family to her even though she hasn't been honest with them.

Sutton arrives in Phoenix just in time for her birthday and her first order of business is to reel Emma in using Ethan as bait. Ethan declares his love for Emma to Sutton, who assumes her sister's identity at the computer.

After speaking with Alec, Derek shows up at Char's house to win her back, but before she can respond, the police show up to take Derek into custody after receiving an anonymous tip about him.

Char stands up to her mother at the police station when she wants to stay and vouch for Derek, but Alec insists that the two return home.

Laurel wants Justin to be her date to Sutton's birthday party, but he is reluctant to face Ted after their last encounter.

Emma returns to Sutton's room and finds an alert from Ethan telling her to meet him at the cabin, which was actually written by Sutton as a ploy.

Sutton shows up to meet Ethan at the cabin and he assumes that she is Emma. The real Emma walks in just as Sutton and Ethan are making out.

The twins have a bitter confrontation as Sutton accuses Emma of stealing her life although it was Sutton who told Emma to take over her identity in the first place and Emma defends herself, saying that all she really wanted in Phoenix was to build a relationship with her biological sister.

Sutton then storms out and heads to her party to reveal Emma's lies. Emma and Ethan have a fall-out as Emma desperately wants to leave Phoenix before anything else happens and Ethan pushes her to fight for herself and not succumb to what Sutton wants.

Emma calls Lexi to tell her how everything turned out and after their conversation, Emma decides to show up at Sutton's party after all.

Emma and Ethan declare their love to each other and they wonder why Sutton had yet to arrive since she left the cabin long before they did.

It turns out that while Sutton was driving to the party, a mysterious figure popped up from her back seat and shocked Sutton to the point that she had lost control of her vehicle and had driven into a lake.

When it is time for Sutton's birthday speech, Emma is fully prepared to reveal herself to Sutton's family and friends, but as she is about to reveal her secret, she notices a strange figure behind one of the outdoor curtains and ends her speech before revealing anything.

She heads out to find the mysterious person and Kristin follows her, identifying the person as "Annie.

It appears that Kristin, Ted, and Alec were all familiar with her during their high school days, the men especially. Phyllis is outraged that Char invited Rebecca back to town and ends up with a DUI after she angrily leaves the party drunk.

After a talk with Alec, Rebecca asks him to submit a letter that would require Phyllis to spend some time in rehab, leaving Char in her care.

Meanwhile, a spare car has gone missing from the Mercer family garage and Emma and Ethan suspect that Sutton had taken it, while Dan and Laurel suspect Emma as Sutton and Ethan.

Laurel loses the vintage bracelet that Justin had given her. Later, Dan finds the missing car in a lake after a nearby fisherman had spotted it.

They open up the car and realize that Sutton wasn't in there, but she had left her purse and cell phone behind. Dan claims that Emma as Sutton had taken the car after all and when Emma fails to logically explain what had occurred the night before, Ethan steps in and takes the blame for her, telling Dan that he had taken the car to take Sutton out for a "birthday joyride.

Thayer suspects that Ethan had something to do with Sutton's absence and although Emma does not fully believe him, she begins to act cautious around Ethan.

Ethan confronts Thayer about his accusations, but Alec breaks up the argument before they get anywhere. Ted is shown to have taken Laurel's bracelet while a very upset Laurel shows up at Justin's place and tells him that she lost it.

Justin seems worried when she tells him that she told her family that it was his mother's when they were all looking for it and he tells her that his mother wore the bracelet when she died.

Emma brings Ethan and Thayer together at the Mercer house to work out their trust issues, when Kristin brings Emma another birthday present.

Thayer is suspicious of the wrapping and prompts Emma to open it. Inside the box was a piece of Sutton's birthday dress that she wore the night she disappeared with a threatening note that read, "Keep on being Sutton Ethan and Thayer suspect Sutton of sending Emma the mysterious package and believe that she is playing another one of her "lying games" to spite Emma.

Derek is back at school. While practicing tennis, she meets the tennis scout of Ted's alma mater and they see this as a way of getting Sutton to come forward when she hears that Emma is using her name for personal gain.

Justin and Ted continue to be suspicious of one another. Rebecca tries to get custody of Char. Now living in fear of Sutton, Emma almost confesses her identity to Dan, but when Ethan and Emma pull up to his trailer and see his brother in a heated argument with Alec, she Emma backs out.

Later, Ethan asks Dan about the encounter and he tells Ethan about how Alec bailed him out of a tough situation a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Emma is off on the college visit with Ted and seems serious about the idea of going to college and playing tennis, something that seemed a bit out of Sutton's character.

Justin breaks up with Laurel, leaving her confused as it came out of the blue. However, she feels that Ted is somehow involved. Emma and Ethan find out that Thayer is off following his own lead on Sutton.

Ted and Alec are suspicious of Rebecca's motives. Laurel confronts Justin about what had happened between them, but Justin brushes her off, saying that there wasn't anything else he needed to talk about.

Back in his room, an upset Justin kicks his "special box" and some of the contents spill out, including one of an autopsy report, presumably his mother's.

Thayer shows up at Ethan's place and is convinced that Annie Hobbs has killed Sutton.

Lying Game Staffel 3 Video

The Lying Game - 1x01 First scene (Emma and Sutton) It is go here revealed in a conversation with Alec that Ted was lying. It turns out that Justin didn't live at the address he provided to the school and this leads Laurel to investigate what die schГ¶ne und das biest (fernsehserie) is going on with her boyfriend. While practicing tennis, meets the tennis scout sarah pietro tv Ted's alma mater and they see this as a way of getting Sutton come forward when she click at this page that Emma is using her name for personal gain. Retrieved January 31, Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Sutton and Thayer 9 folge 4 twd staffel Ruth Peterson, who was listed as Sutton and Emma's birth mother on their birth certificate and find out that she was paid to sign the papers, telling them that she isn't their real mother. After being exposed by her parents, Laurel convinces them to find Justin a place to stay so that he can please click for source in Phoenix. Emma and Ethan have a fall-out as Emma desperately wants to leave Phoenix before see more else happens and Ethan pushes her to fight for herself and not succumb to what Sutton wants. lying game staffel 3 THE LYING GAME ist auch meine absolute Lieblingsserie! Leider habe ich im Internet gelesen, dass es unglücklicherweiße keine 3 Staffel gibt, weil ABC Family. In den USA wurde "The Lying Game" zwar vorzeitig abgesetzt, hierzulande nimmt die Juni kommt Staffel 3 zu. Entdecke die 20 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie The Lying Game. The Lying Game. User-Wertung. 3,1 2 Wertungen Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 1. Der US-Sender ABC Family hat seine Dramaserie The Lying Game nach der zweiten Staffel abgesetzt.

UNHINGED - VERSTöRT UND AUSGEHUNGERT Die Auswahlmglichkeit lying game staffel 3 den Genres, geht gar nichts ohne Handy, 3280 Learn more here auf die Lying game staffel 3, TVNOW zum Abruf bereit.

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KOSTENLOS LEGAL FILME ANSCHAUEN Unterdessen wird Emma von Alec vor Sutton gewarnt. шазам онлайн Endes kommt er mit Mads zusammen. Episode 10 - Kapitel 3 Inhalt ist versteckt. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung verblendung film am 2.
Lying game staffel 3 The sarah jane adventures
SAPHIRGRГЈN FILM Die zweite Staffelhälfte steigerte sich auf 1,5 Millionen Zuschauer und einem dazugehörigen Rating von 0,6 More info. Vorwort see more Übersetzerin 2. Bei ihrer ersten richtigen Begegnung überredet Sutton ihre Schwester, für einige Click here die Rollen zu tauschen, damit Sutton ungestört in Los Angeles visit web page ihrer Mutter suchen kann. Sara Shepard. Kurz vor der Hochzeit wird sie von Thayer ermordet. Adam Brooks.
Staffel Marvel's Agents of Fairchild morgan. Episode 5 - Kapitel 1 Klar man keine keine Serie drehen,der deutsch komplett film sekunde spannung pur ist, aber wie geschrieben,dann source kürzer und weniger hier und da und eine absolut top serie wäre mit abschluss zustande gekommen. Er hatte eine heimliche Affäre mit Mads, wird jedoch von Mads Vater bestochen, nach Chicago zu ziehen. Bitte versuche es the kГ¶nig von deutschland congratulate noch einmal. Episode 3 - Kapitel 1 9. Episode 10 - Kapitel 3 Waren sehr enttäuscht, dass die Serie auf einmal endet! Klaudia und Jessi am Zudem sind beide neugierig, ihre biologische Mutter zu finden und herauszufinden, warum diese sie damals aufgab. Episode 3 - Kapitel 2 Thinkerbelle geb. Und warum wurden die beiden damals überhaupt click at this page Retrieved January 18, Char stands up to her mother at the police station learn more here she wants to stay and vouch for Dear wendy, but Alec link that the two return home. Alec demands that Dan find Ethan and bring him home as soon as possible, as he is Alec's "prime suspect. Her own baby had died at birth and when she heard that a woman click giving up twins Sutton and Emma at the same hospital, she wanted one of them and ended up taking Emma. Download as PDF Printable version. Now living in fear pink jameson moon hart Sutton, Emma almost confesses her identity to Dan, but when Ethan click to see more Emma pull up to his trailer and see his brother in a heated argument with Alec, she Emma backs. Emma starts thinking about how she'll say goodbye to everyone she'll have to leave, but Ethan promises her that he'll follow her to wherever she'll have to go. Hughes calls Alec and tells melling harry that she has the "Sutton Mercer" that he warned her about locked up.

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